Top 10 Toys for 18 Month Old Toddlers


Buying a gift for an 18-month-old can sometimes be tricky but we have a fantastic range of fun, creative, and learning toys. Here’s a selection of some great presents to buy for 18-month-old boys and girls. From stack and tumbler toys, to unicorns, knights and dragons at bathtime and making music with drums and guitars.

Toddler toys

  1. Wooden Animals Stacker
  2. Hide and Seek Dinosaurs Puzzle
  3. Bath Time Unicorns
  4. Stacking Cubes With 10 Farmyard Animals
  5. Smart Sounds Symphony – Magic Touch
  6. Penguin Musical Wobbler
  7. Bunny Stacker
  8. Magic Touch Drums
  9. Knight and Dragon Squirters
  10. Magic Touch Guitar

1 Wild Animals Wooden Stacker ,  £19.95 £19.95

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12 happy animals to stack & tumble!

Made of environmentally friendly FSC-certified wood, this sturdy set is great fun for little ones. Use the twelve wooden animals to create fun shapes, stacking and slotting them together into a funky pyramid! From a happy hippo to a cheeky monkey and a smiling zebra, each 7cm animal is brightly coloured with friendly features. The set includes a 26cm board with a circus design to build on. Build and tumble again and again – zoopendous fun!

2 Woodland Musical Table – Five Instruments ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Solid wood puzzle with 5 friendly & colourful dinos

Where are the little dinosaurs? Slot each of the seven wooden pieces into the 22cm board to find out. Lift the spotty egg to see a baby Diplodicus, then find a little Parasaurolophus behind the ferns! Each chunky wooden piece is 3D, so they can be stood upright and used as colourful figurines in imaginative games. From top French toy company Janod, this durable puzzle is sure to be a hit with little dino lovers. Peek-a-boo!

3 Bath Time Unicorns ,  £14.99 £14.99

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Delightful set of three unicorns – two squirters & one who lights up in water.

Bath time fun is guaranteed with this colourful set perfect for little unicorn fans. The flashing LED unicorn magically lights up when touching the water and turns off when taken out. His two colourful unicorn pals squirt water easily, so prepare to get out of range! Great for imaginative and sensory play – sure to add giggles and fun to any bathtime.

4 Stacking Cubes – With 10 Farmyard Animals ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Lovely five piece stacking set

This lovely stacking set stands at an impressive 48cm tall when all of the numbered cubes are assembled. Each of the five sturdy cardboard pieces is decorated with a cute tractor and farm animal, with sweet wooden figures to match. Pop the pigs, sheep, cows, horses, cat and dog into their little houses! Designed in Sweden with a lovely pastel colour scheme, this stacking set is perfect for pretend play and coordination. Adorable farmyard fun!

5 Smart Sounds Symphony – Magic Touch ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Awesome light-up musical activity station

Little ones will love discovering musical magic with this charming activity station. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, simply tap the six smiling animals to start making sweet music! Explore over 120 melodies and sounds in three different modes, including instruments, colours & animals. With adjustable volume, multi-coloured lights and a useful carry handle, this super-cool toy is perfect for any little musician.

6 Penguin Musical Wobbler ,  £21.95 £21.95

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Charming penguin who tinkles and waddles

Little ones are fascinated when they push this cute penguin, who immediately pops back as he rights himself. Pushing from any side makes him do his funny waddle and emit soothing, tinkling sounds. With a happy face and a smooth wooden base, this lovely toy from Hape is a delightful first experience of musical sounds.

7 Bunny Stacker – Five Sensory Pieces ,  £24.95 £24.95

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Adorable rabbit stacker with colours, textures, sounds & more

Perfect for sensory play, this adorable 17cm rabbit features five interesting elements. The largest plush ring has a cute bunny tail attached – simply tug on it and it will vibrate! Also includes a colourful wooden flower with spinning petals, a peach ring with a gentle rattle and a plush bunny head complete with floppy ears. All pieces stack on the wooden base which wobbles on its rounded bottom. Great for coordination and development – hop to it!

8 Magic Touch Drums ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Amazing animal drum set with magic touch technology – musical fun!

Little ones will love discovering musical magic when they touch every animal drum. Have the little one playing along to classical songs or composing their own beats with the two different settings for endless fun!

9 Knight and Dragon Squirters – Bath Time ,  £12.95 £12.95

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Fun water squirters & a dragon who lights up

Bath time fun is guaranteed with this colourful knight squirter and his friendly dragon who can become luminous. The dragon magically lights up when touching the water or when gently tapped with the finger and turns off automatically after 20 seconds. From French company Janod, each colourful 6cm tall squirter is great for imaginative play and sure to add giggles and fun to any bathtime.

10 Magic Touch Guitar ,  £34.99 £34.99

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Amazing wooden guitar with cool Magic Touch technology – musical fun!

This awesome guitar plays realistic chord sounds in 6 different keys with just one tap. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, activate the ‘strings’ with a simple strumming motion, or press the light-touch keys on the fretboard to explore delightful new sounds. Make sweet music in Freeplay Mode or explore funny sound effects in Silly Mode, from a kitten’s meow to a cowboy’s yeehaw. With adjustable volume, multi-coloured lights and pre-recorded tracks to play along to, this super-cool toy is perfect for any little rockstar!

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