Science Kits For 6 Year Old Einsteins


STEM toys make fantastic gifts as they’re fun, hands-on and educational. If you’re looking for brilliant science-based gift ideas for six-year-olds, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite science kits. From engineering playsets to space-themed gadgets and ingenious contraptions, here are our top picks.

Coolest Science Kits for 6-Year-Olds:

  1. Space Exploration – 4 in 1 Solar Power Kit
  2. Solar System Puzzle – add planets and an LED sun!
  3. Infinity Loop Flow Rings – Kinetic Marvel!
  4. Jump Rocket – Light Up & Fly, Day or Night!
  5. Through Others Eyes – Optical Science Kit
  6. Hungry Bug Eating Plants – Grow Your Own
  7. Human Body Science Kit – 26 fun experiments
  8. Stars and Planets Science Kit – Little Labs
  9. Space Torch and Projector
  10. Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run

1 Space Exploration – 4 in 1 Solar Power Kit ,  £16.95 £16.95

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Build moving robot models

Looking for an awesome kit for a kid who loves robots or outerspace? Try this eco-friendly, space-themed building kit! Powered by natural sunlight, the kit includes a solar panel, a motor and instructions. Witness the incredible power of physics as the robots absorb the solar energy and transfer it into electric power when placed in direct sunlight. A brilliant introduction to solar technology!

2 Solar System Puzzle ,  £29.95 £29.95

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100 piece puzzle with planets and LED sun

Colourful giant puzzle of the solar system measures 57 cm across, made of 100 large pieces. When completed, place the solid-wood planet pieces in their right places, following the double-sided poster which shows all the planet names. Then add the glowing LED sun to demonstrate how the sun brings light to all the planets around it. Fascinating, fun and educational – out of this world!

3 Infinity Loop Flow Rings – Kinetic Marvel! ,  £7.95 £7.95

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Flows and rolls along your arm!

Think of this mesmerising toy as a science-minded Slinky! Just slip the steel coil over your hand and let it flow across your arms. You can even pass it from your arm to a friend. In fact, this cool little toy will cascade around just about any object. Learn tricks or just watch in awe – either way, this kinetic spring is highly entertaining!

4 Jump Rocket – Light Up & Fly, Day or Night! ,  £16.95 £16.95

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Send a rocket high!

Know a little one who wants to work for NASA? They’ll love this highly entertaining play set! Load a lightweight rocket and leap onto the launch pad to send it shooting towards the stars. The rockets light up, so you can play day or night! Of course, the higher you jump and the harder your land on the launch pad, the further the rocket will soar. 3, 2, 1, blast off!

5 Through Others Eyes – Optical Science Kit ,  £25.99 £25.99

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See the world 17 ways!

Do you want to see like a T-rex? How about an eagle? This exciting science kit contains a pair of special plastic glasses and 11 pairs of interchangeable lenses. Using the instruction booklet to guide you, mix and match them to simulate the vision of more than 17 other creatures – blue and yellow to see like a dog, or faceted and wide angled to see like a dragonfly! Also includes a fascinating leaflet all about the science of sight. A real ocular spectacular!

6 Hungry Bug Eating Plants – Grow Your Own ,  £12.99 £12.99

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Sow and grow an insect eating garden

This cool science kit contains everything six-year-olds need to sow and grow an insect-eating plant garden. Simply plant the seeds in the compact discs and water them, and soon enough you’ll be the proud plant parent to a Venus Flytrap and a Pitcher Plant. The kit comes complete with a booklet brimming with bug-based puzzles. Bug-tastic!

7 Human Body Science Kit – 26 Fun experiments ,  £29.95 £29.95

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26 fun experiments

Explore the external aspects of the human body with 26 fun experiments to learn about the inside anatomy. Examine your fingerprints to learn how unique you really are and find out what happens to the food you eat. Build a stethoscope, listen to your own heartbeat and learn about your heart pumping blood. Relate your experiments back to the human body systems, including the internal organs, skeleton, muscles and the circulatory system. With clear and accurate illustrations, a great aid for future doctors.

8 Stars & Planets Science Kit – Little Labs ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Little Labs

Do plants grow on other planets? Why does the moon have a face? The answers to these questions and many more can all be found in this inspiring kit with easy hands-on experiments. Great way to learn all about outer space and have fun investigating the solar system. Also useful for NASA job applications.

9 Space Torch and Projector ,  £7.99 £7.99

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Project space images around your room

View Mars, Jupiter and the Space Shuttle from the comfort of your bedroom! This inventive little torch projects space images on your walls and ceilings. Designed for small hands, the 11-centimetre-long torch comes with three slide discs, all of which display high-quality coloured photos up to one-metre wide. Remove the slides to use as a normal torch, perfect for late-night reading and last-minute studying for that NASA job interview!

10 Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Award-winning marble run

This simply brilliant marble run is made of plywood, with all the parts coming laser-cut in sheets – just follow the simple set of pictures to push-fit them together. With a build time of 1-2 hours, assemble the spiral run and zig-zag before adding the electric motor. The marbles are raised to the top of the lift, descending down the spiral then down the zig-zag track…then back up to the spiral to start again, in perpetual motion. Winner of Gift of the Year 2019, fun and extremely satisfying to build and mesmerising to watch.

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