Top Birthday Gifts For Teenage Friends


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In search of some brilliant gift ideas for your teen’s best friend? We’ve got you covered! With some help from our expert panel of teenagers, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the top birthday gifts for teenage friends. From funny board games and handy gadgets to awesome light-up toys, here are our top picks!

Top Gifts for Teen Friends:

  1. Neon Effect Message Frame
  2. Chocolate Bomb Trio
  3. Grow It Bonsai Trees
  4. Disco 360 Ice – LED Lightshow
  5. Denim Book of Earrings
  6. Best Friends Dog Mug
  7. The Upside Down Challenge
  8. Flamingo Nail Cushion
  9. Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!
  10. Super Bendy Light

1Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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A glowing gift

Know a creative teen who loves art? They’ll love this amazing light-up drawing board! Use the vibrant marker pens to jot down notes, doodle, or draw. Display your masterpieces by hanging the frame on the wall or standing it up on any flat surface. Switch on the frame and watch your artwork come to life with a neon glow effect. Simply wipe clean with a dry cloth to start all over again. Brilliant fun!

2Chocolate Bomb Trio, £9.95£9.95

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Fancy a sweet treat?

Chocoholics, this is the gift for you! This darling little set comes with three delicious Belgian chocolate bombs, packed with fluffy mini marshmallows. Just pop one of the bombs into your favourite mug, add some steaming hot milk, and watch in awe as the chocolate shell melts and the marshmallows float to the surface. Stir, sip and enjoy! Ahhh…

3Grow It Bonsai Trees, £13.95£13.95

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Grow your own tiny trees

Teenagers don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy this rewarding little kit. The box contains everything you need to grow a range of beautiful bonsai trees: starter pots made from coconut husks, compost discs, seeds, and a booklet containing growing tips. An incredibly unique gift and one that will lend a touch of Japanese elegance to any teen’s bedroom.

4Disco 360 Ice – LED Lightshow, £19.95£19.95

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Create your own disco…

Party animals, listen up! This awesome light show allows you to bring the fun wherever you go. The portable light show gadget is sound-responsive and features 48 coloured LED beams that project six different patterns in red, blue and green. Plugs into any power socket, and you can even mount it on the wall. All you need is music, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away!

5Denim Book of Earrings, £15.95£15.95

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An elegant storage solution

Teenage girls will love this clever twist on earring storage. Designed like a book, this case contains two internal pages that can hold up to a dozen pairs of earrings, including clip-ons. Super on-trend and incredibly practical for travel and your on-the-go jewellery storage needs. Say goodbye to lost earrings!

6Best Friends Dog Mug, £9.95£9.95

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A paw-some gift for friends

Crazy about canines? This cool mug is sure to be a hit with dog-loving teens! The 10 oz. bone china mug features ten adorable pooches, including a spaniel, a Dalmatian, and a French bulldog. Features a sweet quote about friendship and comes presented in a luxury circular gift box. A lovely and useful gift idea.

7The Upside Down Challenge, £21.95£21.95

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A wacky challenge game…

This hilarious game makes a great gift for teenagers! Simply wear the special goggles that flip your vision upside down, then compete to complete the 100 ‘easy’ drawing and activity challenges. Put a top on a pen, give a high five, write your name… trust us, everything is much more difficult when it’s upside down! A fantastic party game, and sure to result in a lot of laughter!

8Flamingo Nail Cushion, £21.95£21.95

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Manicures made easy!

Spa night just got a whole lot more relaxing with this unique nail cushion. No more need to balance polish pots on your knees or the sofa’s armrest! The flamingo-printed cotton fabric features a wipe-clean area for painting, two nail polish holders, and a storage pocket for all of your manicure tools. Makes painting your nails an absolute breeze. Manicure genius!

9Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!, £12.95£12.95

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Two truths and a lie…

This zany card game, designed for up to eight players, is loads of fun to play with groups of friends! Each of the cards contains three ‘facts’, except one is completely and utterly made up. You might want to start practising your poker face now because your task is convincing the other players that you’re telling the truth, no matter which ‘fact’ you read out. Good luck, and may the best liar prevail!

10Super Bendy Light, £9.95£9.95

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A cool new twist on a reading lamp

Calling all bookworms! This fun bendy light will brighten up bedtime reading sessions. The flexible, grippy legs can be twisted into various positions, wrapping around, under, and through nearly any surface. Meanwhile, the head features 360-degree rotation, making it easy to shine the little light wherever you need it. Comes with batteries fitted, so you can start using it right away. Is it bedtime yet?

For more great gift ideas for teenagers, check out what’s popular on our website!

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