The Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Gift List, 2022


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Another year, another birthday! That also means another birthday present… look no further because we’ve got all the year’s best gifts! Whether you’re shopping for a budding artist, a sports fanatic, or a child who loves mismatched socks, we’re sure to have something to help you mark the occasion!

Top Tried & Tested Birthday Gifts

  1. Quizzie
  2. Glow Art
  3. Smart Ball
  4. Waboba Wingman
  5. Pawsome Socks
  6. Butterfly Pillowcase
  7. Jump Rocket
  8. Twistii Torch
  9. Horrible Histories Board Game
  10. Drawing School

1Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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Test yourself!

A tiny robot with a big brain, Quizzie lets you record up to five yes/no questions. And then, Quizzie does what Quizzie does best: quizzes you! Get an answer wrong, and this cheeky little robot will squirt you in the face with water! Features fun light and sound effects. An excellent gift for know-it-alls!

2Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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Neon fun

This one is a brilliant birthday gift for budding artists. The light-up drawing board features dozens of coloured LEDs to make drawings glow. The see-through screen makes tracing easy, and the markers make it just as simple to create original masterpieces. The lights illuminate in more than 30 different ways, bringing artwork to life! When fresh inspiration strikes, simply wipe clean and start again!

3Smart Ball, £20.00£20.00

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A keepy upper keeper!

Looking for a gift for a kid who loves sports? This one’s a keeper! This fabulous football glows, lighting up with every touch, and it also counts your Keepy Uppy score up to 100, with the built-in speaker calling out the numbers. Need a normal football? Just remove the sensor, screw the bung to the ball, and voila! The best of both worlds!

4Waboba Wingman, £6.95£6.95

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Flying high

This awesome silicone disc will provide hours of active fun. It soars up to 40 metres, and it’s painless to catch thanks to the soft, pliable material. Best of all, it’s easy to store. Fold it up, slip it in a backpack or pocket, and it’ll pop right back into shape when you’re ready to play with it again. Talk about fun on the go!

5Pawsome Socks, £13.99£13.99

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Totally pawsome!

You might not be able to get her the puppy she wants for her birthday, but these socks are an adorable second-best. This set of six odd socks each features a different pattern and a grinning pooch. Mix and match for up to 15 funky combinations. They’ll fit sock sizes UK 4-8. Great for animal lovers, fashionistas, and kids who love a bit of mix-and-match fun!

6Butterfly Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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A dream garden

Make bedtime brighter with this fabulous creative project. Features a gorgeous wildlife scene, brimming with spectacular flowers and butterflies. The kit comes with a cotton pillowcase and ten wash-out pens, so she can colour, wash, and repeat to her heart’s content! Let the metamorphosis begin!

7Jump Rocket, £15.95£15.95

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Fly me to the moon

Most kids jump just to jump, but what if their jumps could power a rocket into the sky?! That’s the idea behind this amazing toy. Set up the launcher, load a lightweight rocket, and jump. The harder you hop, the higher it’ll fly! The rockets even light up, so the fun doesn’t have to end after dark. How high will they fly? Over the trees, over the stars, maybe even over the moon!

8Twistii Torch, £14.95£14.95

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Let there be light!

A torch you can wear on your wrist? Yes, please! This innovative wearable torch has three modes and hands-free 360-degree rotation so you can shine light wherever you need it. Charges with a USB and provides up to three hours of light! Ideal for spy missions, late-night reading, or sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack…

9Horrible Histories Board Game, £19.95£19.95

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Awfully fun

Birthdays are a great time for reflecting on years past. With fascinating facts about the Rotten Romans and the Vile Victorians, this incredibly popular and wildly fun board game lets you do just that! Answer one of 600 multiple-choice questions or perform a task, like miming a historical figure, to move around the board. Educational, yes, but so much fun that you hardly notice!

10Drawing School, £12.95£12.95

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Art school in a box!

Little artists will love this step-by-step creative kit. Start by putting together the four-piece puzzle guides for each animal. Then learn to draw by copying the animals onto the dry erase board. The kit comes with an erasable felt-tip pen and a stencil to make learning even more straightforward. Who knows? This could be the start of a fabulous career as an artist!

And coming soon to Wicked Uncle…

The Human Body Under X-ray (coming in April)

This fun learning aid teaches kids about the structure of the human body using a jigsaw and special UV torch, illuminating things that cannot be seen with the naked eye!

Dancy Beatz (coming in July)

This cool interactive robot looks like a disco ball with arms! Challenge Dancy Beatz to a dance-off accompanied by one of three pre-recorded songs. Comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, so you can also have Dancy bop along to your own tunes!

Speed Ball (coming in July)

Ever wanted to know how fast or hard you can hit a football? This ‘smart’ football measures your speed. A much-anticipated gift for footie fans!

For more wicked birthday presents, check out the full range on our website!

What’s the one thing you are guaranteed to get every year on your birthday? One year older!



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