Top 10 Toys for 18 Month Old Toddlers


Buying a gift for an 18-month-old can sometimes be tricky but we have a fantastic range of fun, creative, and learning toys. Here’s a selection of some great presents to buy for 18-month-old boys and girls. From stack and tumbler toys, to hedgehogs, push-alongs, penguins and making music with guitars.

Toddler toys

  1. Farmyard Counting Game
  2. Hide and Seek Dinosaurs Puzzle
  3. Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog
  4. Sound Telephone
  5. London Stacking Game
  6. Penguin Musical Wobbler
  7. Happy Veggies Stacking Game
  8. My First Tool Box
  9. Pink Push Along Mouse
  10. Magic Touch Guitar

1 Farmyard Counting Game ,  £19.99 £19.99

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Lovely wooden stacker with numbers, shapes & animals too – cute!

Stack and sort number blocks, shaped pieces and five cute farmyard animals. This lovely stacking set includes 26 sturdy pieces, perfectly sized for little hands. Simply place the numbered blocks on the pegs, then stack the corresponding shapes on top – circle, square, triangle, pentagon and star too. Complete each stack with a farmyard animal, from a cute chicken to a smiling pony. Sustainably made from robust FSC-certified wood, little ones are sure to enjoy learning to count with their farm friends. Udderly lovely!

2 Woodland Musical Table – Five Instruments ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Solid wood puzzle with 5 friendly & colourful dinos

Where are the little dinosaurs? Slot each of the seven wooden pieces into the 22cm board to find out. Lift the spotty egg to see a baby Diplodicus, then find a little Parasaurolophus behind the ferns! Each chunky wooden piece is 3D, so they can be stood upright and used as colourful figurines in imaginative games. From top French toy company Janod, this durable puzzle is sure to be a hit with little dino lovers. Peek-a-boo!

3 Spike – The Fine Motor Hedgehog ,  £21.99 £21.99

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Charming & colourful hedgehog to help learn colours & numbers – cute!

Handsome hedgehog toy with twelve multi-coloured spikes to insert and remove. Children will delight in this charming toy, designed to develop fine motor skills. Each of Spike’s cheerfully coloured quills is numbered one to twelve, with a handy ergonomic shape for little fingers to grab. Insert and remove the durable plastic spikes as you practice colours and numbers. The pieces can then be stored inside Spike’s body for easy clean-up. Excellent for building co-ordination and hand strength, this lovely hedgehog is truly spike-tacular!

4 Sound Telephone – Seven Funny Sounds ,  £16.95 £16.95

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Tactile beechwood smartphone with seven sound buttons – ring ring!

Fun pre-school wooden telephone that makes seven different sounds. Press the soft silicone buttons on this 12cm tall wooden phone to produce seven noises. Made of beechwood and protected with a tactile silicone case, each brightly coloured button makes a different sound – from a camera snap to a cuckoo clock! From top French toy company Janod, this delightful toy is perfect for little chatterboxes. Remember, if they hand it to you, it’s mandatory to say hello!

5 London Stacking Game – 10 Pieces ,  £16.99 £16.99

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Lovely wooden set with iconic London elements to stack & topple!

London-themed stacking set with ten robust wooden pieces. The object of this fun game is to stack the ten shapes as high as you can to build a perilous pile, then send it tumbling down! Each robust wooden piece features an iconic London element – from Buckingham Palace and the London Eye to a double decker and a cute corgi. Sustainably made from FSC-certified wood, the set also includes a drawstring bag to store the pieces after play. A true test of dexterity, with a patriotic twist. London calling!

6 Penguin Musical Wobbler ,  £21.95 £21.95

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Charming penguin who tinkles and waddles

Little ones are fascinated when they push this cute penguin, who immediately pops back as he rights himself. Pushing from any side makes him do his funny waddle and emit soothing, tinkling sounds. With a happy face and a smooth wooden base, this lovely toy from Hape is a delightful first experience of musical sounds.

7 Happy Veggies Balancing Game ,  £17.99 £17.99

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Lovely wooden set with nine smiling fruit and veg to stack and topple!

Fruit and veg themed stacking set with nine robust wooden pieces. The object of this fun game is to stack the nine shapes as high as you can to build a perilous pile, then send it tumbling down! The set includes eight happy little fruits and veggies – from pepper and broccoli to strawberry and avocado – as well as a smiling 23cm banana base. Sustainably made from FSC-certified wood, this robust and colourful set is great for developing dexterity, coordination and an interest in healthy eating. Very a-peel-ing!

8 My First Tool Box ,  £24.95 £24.95

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FSC wooden set with all the tools the little DIY enthusiast needs!

All the tools that a little builder needs for their next project. Made from ethically sourced FSC certified wood, this lovely wooden play set comes with a spanner, hammer, screwdriver, ruler and nuts & bolts. The built-in carry handle ensures your youngster can easily transport their tools and get on with their building projects. Improves hand/eye coordination and develops creativity and imagination, perfect starter set for any little DIY enthusiast.

9 Pink Mouse – Wooden Push Along ,  £14.99 £14.99

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Cute rolling toy with handle, made of FSC-certified wood – adorable.

Lovely wooden push-along, shaped like a cute pink mouse. This charming traditional toy is a great way to encourage toddlers to take their first steps. Shaped like an adorable mouse, simply grasp the sturdy handle and push her along. Watch is she glides smoothly on her bright pink wheels! Made from sturdy FSC-certified wood, the little mouse figure is 16cm tall and packed with cute details, from her polka-dot design to the bow in her hair. A truly sweet toy, sure to help any little one find their feet.

10 Magic Touch Guitar ,  £34.99 £34.99

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Amazing wooden guitar with cool Magic Touch technology – musical fun!

This awesome guitar plays realistic chord sounds in 6 different keys with just one tap. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, activate the ‘strings’ with a simple strumming motion, or press the light-touch keys on the fretboard to explore delightful new sounds. Make sweet music in Freeplay Mode or explore funny sound effects in Silly Mode, from a kitten’s meow to a cowboy’s yeehaw. With adjustable volume, multi-coloured lights and pre-recorded tracks to play along to, this super-cool toy is perfect for any little rockstar!

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