How to Amuse the Kids This Summer Holiday


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It’s the Summer Holidays, and it’s actually sunny. Birds are chirping, butterflies are fluttering and peace and harmony reigns. And then the kids wake up…

We have put together some fun activities and games that are guaranteed to get them interested this Summer holiday. Some of the ideas are free, because we’re kind and giving and imaginative that way. Some of them you can find at Wicked Uncle, by happy coincidence, because the Elves have got to eat. Why not try:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Movie Day
  • Slime making
  • Baking
  • Gadgets
  • Playing Outside

Arts and Crafts

A few paints and a stack of paper is all you need for hours of arty fun. You could also get crafty with things you have around the house. Pasta necklaces, potato printing, and finger paints are inexpensive and fun ways for children to show their arty side.Mr Men Nutty Putty

At Wicked Uncle we have zillions of art and craft ideas, many of which you will not find anywhere else. Monster Power Dough brings dough sculptures to life with movement and sound. Clay Crayons are a really fun arty thing to make – just shape, dry and draw! With Nutty Putty Mr Men, you can make ten different colourful characters. Or perhaps you would rather Knit Your Own Unicorn?

Have a Movie Day

Whether it’s the latest release or an old favourite, there’s something exciting about shutting the curtains and settling down to watch a film. Why not choose a musical to sing along to, or a fast paced adventure that will have everyone on the edge of their seats? Cushions and beanbags will provide added comfort, and cinema snacks are a must as well.Flicks and Chill

We have some really unusual snacks to enhance your cinema experience – who could possibly refuse Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn?! And if you don’t fancy any recent blockbusters, we have super Stikbot kits so that you can make you own – move over Spielberg.

Slime is Super!

Kids LOVE slime. It’s the latest trend. Glittery, colourful, scented or glow in the dark, it’s quite simply the most fun you can buy in a small tub. There are lots of recipes for slime on the internet. If you want to have a go yourself, have a look at this one, from The Imagination Tree.So Slime Case Neon

However, if you want an easy and mess free way to make your own slime, you need this DIY Slime Case which has been a best-selling product since we first put it on our shelves. It costs £17.95 and includes slime powders, glitter and handy shakers for good clean fun. It’s easy to see why people love it so much.

Get in the Kitchen!

Cooking with kids is really great fun, with the added bonus of something tasty to eat at the end. It might require a thorough kitchen clean after the event, but it will be worth it for some quality time spent making gourmet delights. UK Blogger and Food Artist, Grace, at Eats Amazing, has some really great recipes you can make with the children. Our favourite is her yoghurt fruit pizza, yum!Mug Cake Mixes

The Wicked Uncle Elves are keen chefs and have a lot of fun sampling the culinary products we have on offer. Our tasty cake kits have been sampled multiple times, just to make extra sure that you will enjoy them. Why not bake a Rainbow Cake?

Go go Gadgets!

Ok, we will admit it; gadgets don’t come for free. Instead try Storynory which is a free audio story site for children. There are a number of stories on there about a Wicked Uncle Jeff, who we think sounds pretty awesome.Motion Control Drone

On the Wicked Uncle shelves are loads of brilliant gadgety gifts, from Pokibots to Walkie Talkies. We think that anyone who likes tech will love our fabulous selection, and find loads of fun to while away the school holidays.

Go Outside!About The Seashore, Rock Pools & Beaches Contents

From Giant Bubbles to Pocket Kites, we have the best toys for playing outside. At if you’re going to the seaside, don’t forget your About the Seashore Kit!

At Wicked Uncle, there really is something for everyone. Boredom: busted.

Shop our most popular toys here.

Here are some of our favourite jokes for summer:

Why did the robot go on holiday? To recharge his batteries. 

Why do bananas wear sunscreen? Because they peel.

Where do sharks go on holiday? Finland. 



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