Best Back To School Treats For Under £10 in 2020


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At Wicked Uncle, we know that children aren’t always excited to go back to school after the summer holidays. So if you’re tired of stocking up on the same old term-time essentials, check out our nifty list of unusual gifts that won’t break the bank. Approved by our expert panel of children who were annoyed about summer ending.

  1. UKick
  2. World’s Smallest Voice Changer
  3. Pindaloo
  4. Chocolate Brownie In A Mug
  5. Waboba Flying Wingman Disc
  6. Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins
  7. Riding Magnetic Notebook
  8. IQ Puzzler Pro
  9. Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Game
  10. Tiddlywinks Footballs

1UKick, £8.00£8.00

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Freestyle into term

With the fun and unpredictable UKick, your children can return to the school term with the perfect playground entertainment. A mix of badminton and street football, the aim is to keep the UKick from hitting the ground, anyway possible! Not only cheaper, but also far more interesting and sociable than a regular football – UKick signifies new fun and new friends.

2World’s Smallest Voice Changer, £9.95£9.95

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Pocket-sized fun

At a punchy 7cm and at a price that’s very healthy for the purse, this quirky voice changer is a nifty toy for portable fun. With four different voice settings to choose from, this is a real treat for the easily amused child – so simple, yet so funny! A cool toy to entertain a whole host of new friends.

3Pindaloo, £9.95£9.95

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Fun on a loop!

A game that’s so simple, but so addictive – all they have to do is loop the ball from one end of the Pindaloo to the other. Soon enough they’ll be a master, throwing in tricks and flicks to impress family and friends alike. This is a great way to keep the children in the garden once summer’s ended – just try and get them back in to finish their homework!

4Chocolate Brownie In A Mug, £8.95£8.95

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Snack in seconds

Quick. Fun. Tasty. As far as treats go, there’s not much that beats this Chocolate Brownie In A Mug. The gift comes with a super convenient brownie mix, which is made from rich Belgian chocolate – this is a present that manages to balance convenience and quality for an unforgettable chocolatey treat. They even get a mug to keep – but for cups of tea, not daily brownies!

5Waboba Flying Wingman Disc, £5.95£5.95

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Fold-up fun!

What’s even better than a frisbee? A frisbee fits in your pocket! This unique, silicone disc can glide impressively without once veering off course. Soft and easy to catch, this is a great toy for a group of school friends! But with a potential to fly for up to 40 metres, the neighbours might also become familiar with this toy…

6Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins, £8.95£8.95

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Stylish organisation

Your children may be starting to learn that the best presents are the useful ones – after all, convenience is a treat! Brilliant for organising bits and bobs, these four tins are clearly labelled to make mornings and nights that bit easier. All brightly coloured with different, fancy designs, these are also guaranteed to make any dressing table look cool.

7Riding Magnetic Notebook, £3.95£3.95

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Cute and clever notebook

A way to get your child excited about starting to write again, this adorable notebook is the perfect accessory for any student. With an exciting, horse-themed cover and 60 quality sheets of paper inside, this is a premium present for an extremely reasonable price. And it’s topped off with the horse and rider characters that close the notebook magnetically – so this is the ideal stationary for the horse-obsessed!

8IQ Puzzler Pro, £9.95£9.95

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A gift for the brainy!

An engaging, multi-difficulty puzzle game that tests the problem-solving skills of any young brainiac. With the connected coloured balls, the aim is to complete the designs from the included booklet – the 120 constructions move from 2D to 3D and become more and more twisted, so it never gets old.

9Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Game, £7.95£7.95

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Educating entertainment

It might take some convincing, but fun gifts can be educational as well! A selection of mental maths games that range in style and difficulty, this is a great, cheap gift to get your child’s brain ticking before they return to the classroom. And with 48, beautifully illustrated activity cards, they get to develop and hone their problem solving skills without a second of boredom.

10Tiddlywinks Football, £5.95£5.95

A twist on a classic

For the footy obsessed, this on-the-go tiddlywinks set brings this old favourite onto the football pitch. With twelve interlocking cards to create the board, this fun gift can be assembled anywhere, at any time – instant entertainment! School breaks are about to became a lot more competitive.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Visit our website for even more back to school treats!

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