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Yes, it is Summer in the U.K and that typically means that the weather is changeable and often rainy. The children who have sat in sweltering hot classrooms through the sunniest weather, praying for the holidays, are now stuck at home and may be complaining they are bored. Here are some of the coolest toys and gifts guaranteed to turn their frowns upside down.

This is Kinetic Sand – more fun than the beach and less messy! Kinetic sand offers a magical and mesmerizing experience, easy-to-shape sand that moulds into simple designs. Made of 98% pure sand with special binding agents that holds the sand together ensuring no mess and interesting play. Never dries out, is easy to clean, leaves no sand or residue on your hands and is wheat, gluten and casein free. Falls as though in slow motion – very tactile.

The Lite@Nite String Art is a fun project for art & craft lovers with everything needed to create a work of art using string and lights. This unique set has a template to create a beautiful piece of butterfly illuminated wall art. The wooden canvas and template come with four pretty colours of cotton thread, pins, lights and purple paint, complete with stencils to create your perfect masterpiece. With easy step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, a fun and satisfying project to be proudly displayed.

This is the Thinking Putty Kit. Design and make your favourite colour putty then add some shimmer, shine or glow in the dark effect. Make five different putties using the clear putty provided. Add some colour, sparkle, shimmer or glow effect from the concentrates, simply stretch and fold to blend your creations together. The fun isn’t over once the putty’s made, you still need to design the tins and play with your putty – stretch it, bounce it, pop it, sculpt it, tear it and knead it! When the mixing is done, the fun’s just begun!

Why not try a tasty bread making kit with everything you need to make fresh seed and herb bread? Making your own bread is straight forward and easy to do with this fantastic kit – just add warm water and oil to make warm tasty bread. The baking mix is handmade using only the finest of ingredients and comes with yeast, herbs and seeds. Comes with a set of 4 fun little terracotta flowerpots – a home science experiment you get to eat afterwards, yummy!

Create your own musical masterpieces with Compose Yourself,  and go online to hear them played by a real orchestra. This classy set contains 60 transparent music cards that can be flipped and rotated in millions of different ways to create your very own musical score. Instructions and tips are provided by the world class composer Philip Sheppard. You can even name your composition and download music to print and share, proud of your art. Creative music fun to release your inner Mozart.

This is just five ideas that the Wicked Uncle Elves have selected as being great at banishing boredom on rainy days. We have literally hundreds more. Who needs sunshine when you have Wicked Uncle?

We also do a nice line in silly jokes:

The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense.

Why do rappers need umbrellas? Fo’ drizzle.

My boss told me yesterday, “You shouldn’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”. 
But when I turned up today in Ghostbusters clothes, he said I was fired.


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