10 Best Educational Toys For 3 Year Old Girls


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Three-year-old girls love to learn, and that’s why educational toys make great gifts! With some help from our expert panel of children, we’ve put together the ultimate list of the top ten best educational toys for 3-year-old girls. From puzzles and art supplies to building sets, here are our top picks!

Top Educational Toys for Three-Year-Old Girls:

  1. Giant Piano Dance Mat
  2. Alphabet Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
  3. Logic – 12 Mini Animal Puzzles
  4. Chunky Clock Puzzle
  5. Paint Sticks
  6. My First Microscope
  7. Glitter Magnetic Construction
  8. Grow It – My Very Own Garden Set
  9. Robot Factory – 1-2-3 Build It
  10. My First Dinosaurs

1Giant Piano Dance Mat, £35.95£35.95

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Music made easy

Girls who love music will love this colourful, 180-centimetre-long dance mat. The mat features 24 touch-sensitive, numbered, colourful keys. Use your feet to play along with the colour-coded songs, from Chopsticks and Happy Birthday to Old McDonald. The mat also offers a choice of eight instruments, including the guitar, violin, trumpet and harp. You can even record and listen to your musical masterpieces. A clever alternative to traditional piano lessons. Genius!

2Alphabet Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle, £29.95£29.95

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From a caterpillar to a butterfly…

Most three-year-old girls love butterflies, which makes this educational toy a winning choice! The handcrafted wooden 30-piece puzzle is easy to complete and a fantastic way to learn the ABCs. Start with the caterpillar and watch it transform into a gorgeous butterfly as you complete the puzzle. Comes with a convenient cotton bag for storage. Lovely!

3Logic – 12 Mini Animal Puzzles, £9.95£9.95

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Learning made easy

This brilliant game challenges little ones to match the baby animals to their mothers and favourite foods. The set of 12 adorable three-piece puzzles helps kids develop problem-solving skills and build their animal knowledge. A fabulous educational gift for any little girl who loves animals!

4Chunky Clock Puzzle, £17.95£17.95

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Rock around the clock tonight…

What time is it? Time to solve a puzzle! This fabulous wooden puzzle provides a fun introduction to time-telling. Simply place the coloured shapes into the correct places on the free-standing clock to complete the insects and snails. Meanwhile, you’ll be learning about how a clock works as you read the numbers and move the hands. A highly original way to introduce basic maths and letters.

5Paint Sticks, £19.95£19.95

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Mess-free fun!

Get creative without the mess with these solid paint sticks! These innovative sticks twist up and down like a gluestick, eliminating the need for brushes or water. Glide the paint directly onto paper, card, canvas, wood, and even glass. This pack comes with 24 gorgeous colours, including six day-glo and six metallic shades. Perfect for hands-on pre-school learning, art projects, and much more!

6My First Microscope, £24.95£24.95

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A fully functional microscope…

Little scientists, listen up! This amazing device makes a perfect first microscope for inquisitive three-year-old girls. The sturdy, chunky parts are designed for tiny hands and the 8x magnification is easy for little ones to understand. The LED light enhances close-up viewing for small details on the fixed stage, and there are no slides required. A super cool gift idea for curious kids!

7Glitter Magnetic Construction, £25.95£25.95

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Put your imagination to the test

This beautiful and tactile construction set is a fabulous pick for girls who love building and using their hands. The kit contains 44 glittery pieces–simply attach the magnetic rods to the steel spheres to build all kinds of cool designs, models and shapes. A brilliant introduction to engineering principles and a fun, imaginative way to explore the magic of magnets!

8Grow It – My Very Own Garden Set, £21.95£21.95

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Hands-on learning

Know a three-year-old girl with a green thumb? She will love this imaginative garden role play set. Use the watering can, dig with the spade, and practice planting the vegetables and flowers. The nine chunky pieces are designed for little hands and made from durable, soft plastic. A wonderful educational toy and a great way to get kids interested in gardening and the outdoors (and maybe even vegetables)!

9Robot Factory – 1-2-3 Build It, £21.95£21.95

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Endless robot builds!

This highly entertaining STEM kit is perfect for little girls who love tech and building. The creative set contains 18 chunky, durable pieces, including claws, googly eyes and wheels. Use your imagination to design an original robot or follow the simple instructions to create an awesome pre-designed creature. Brilliant!

10My First Dinosaurs, £21.95£21.95

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Fun is only a click away

Go on a dinosaur adventure from the comfort of the living room with this fantastic set! The box contains 14 pieces that introduce children to magnetism while encouraging imaginative play. The chunky, soft-touch parts easily click into each other, so you can make four different dinosaurs, or mix and match for some truly wild combinations. Three-year-old girls will have hours upon hours of fun bringing their creations to life. Roar!

For more brilliant toys and games for three-year-old girls, check out what’s popular on our website!

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