The Best Girls Toys for Christmas 2020


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Treating your favourite relatives is the best part of the festive season, but picking the present can be tricky. That’s why the Wicked Uncle Elves have compiled a list of the best toys for girls this Christmas! Approved by our expert panel of children, these girls toys will make you the favourite relative this Christmas.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Glow Art
  2. Hide & Seek Rock Painting
  3. World Map Pillowcase
  4. Jellyfish Tank
  5. UKick
  6. Neon Effect Message Frame
  7. Imagidice
  8. Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins
  9. Slime DIY Case
  10. My Magnetic Daily Calendar

1Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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Glow like Rudolph’s nose!

Know a girl with the artist’s touch? Well, the Wicked Uncle Elves have found a toy that makes drawing more fun than ever before! This futuristic, LED-powered frame will make her masterpieces glow in 36 different ways and colours. The see-through screen means you can even trace images instead, making it perfect for beginners. She’s headed straight to the National Gallery!

2Hide & Seek Rock Painting, £14.95£14.95

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Ready or not!

A quirky twist on a childhood classic, she’ll never forget this toy! It’s complete with six smooth stones, acrylic paints, and every tool and tip you need to master painting rocks – this incredibly popular, worldwide craze isn’t going anywhere. The booklet suggest plenty of games to enjoy with the arty creations, so the fun doesn’t end at hide & seek!

3World Map Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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Around the world in 80 dreams

Bedtime isn’t any child’s favourite time of day – until they get given the World Map Pillowcase! Learn about Earth with this hand-drawn illustration of the world map, complete with exotic creatures and fun nuggets of trivia. She gets to draw all over it with vibrant pens that easily wash-out, so she can doodle over and over again. This’ll put her geography lessons to shame…

4Jellyfish Tank, £18.95£18.95

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Under the sea!

This funky tank takes room decor to the next level! Water jets make the two lifelike jellyfish glide around as if they were really alive – you’ll feel like you’re at an aquarium! With 3 LED lights, the tank becomes a super soothing addition to any room. And they don’t even need feeding – she’ll never think about an actual pet ever again…

5UKick, £8.00£8.00

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Has she got what it takes?

This super popular toy is an addictive blend of football and badminton that’ll get the whole family talking. The aim is to keep the UKick from touching the ground, with whatever means possible – she’ll be pulling off tricks she never knew were possible! And with adjustable weights on its base, it’s ideal for any ability – but expect her to be showing off come the New Year.

6Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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All is merry and bright

This is the perfect toy for an artsy girl who loves making her room snazzy. Write your messages with the provided neon pens, and watch as the frame lights it up with its built-in LED lights! A great way to be creative, or to leave some cute notes – and it wipes clean with a dry cloth, so she can start afresh every day.

7Imagidice, £13.95£13.95

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Festive fables

For the budding author and the crazy creative, there’s no better Christmas toy than Imagidice. Roll the 12 dice, and muster up a story that connects all the images – it’s harder than you’d think! And with over 10 million possible combinations, it’s an endless test of wit and storytelling. Make sure she credits you in her first novel…

8Hair Accessories – 4 Stacking Tins, £8.95£8.95

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A stylish stack

Children will be playing with these wicked toys all year round, but they also love handy gifts for the day-to-day. These super convenient tins are perfect for holding all her bits and bobs, with funky labels for stuff like Hair Clips and Hair Elastics. And with bright, unique designs, they double as a classy room accessory: it’ll make her feel all grown-up!

9Slime DIY Case, £17.95£17.95

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Christmas time, mistletoe and slime

This wacky kit puts the fun back in slime – trust us, slime isn’t all gross! It comes with everything you need, from the slime powder to the snazzy glitter and the cute figurines. You just need to mix the powder, glitter, and water in the provided shaker, and gooey magic is created! Best of all, it’s entirely mess-free, so everyone’s a winner.

10My Magnetic Daily Calendar, £19.95£19.95

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Organise the New Year!

A great toy to teach your younger relatives about dates, the weather, and fundamental organisation skills. The bright, magnetic calendar comes with 82 pre-printed magnetic pieces, with daily information about everything from the days, to the weather, to holidays! An exciting way to make her feel all grown-up this Christmas – soon she’ll be making her own way to school!

Head over to our website for more great girls toys for this Christmas!

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