Best Science Kits for 11 Year Olds


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Looking for an awesome gift for an 11 year old boy or girl? STEM toys are a fantastic choice! The best ones are educational, but also incredibly fun. Here’s our ultimate list of the best science kits for 11 year olds.

Top Tried & Tested Kits:

  1. 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit
  2. Perpetual Marble Run
  3. 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  4. Wind Power Experiment Kit
  5. Hydraulic Cyborg Hand
  6. True Balance
  7. Hydraulic Robot Arm
  8. Scorpion Anatomy 3D Model

1 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit ,  £19.95 £19.95

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This awesome kit lets science-loving kids build their own robot, and make it move in a multitude of comical and functional ways. They can choose from 14 different models, from a Turtle-Bot, Boat-Bot or Walker-Bot to a Dog-Bot, Crab-Bot or even a Row-Bot, with two different skill levels to try. A brilliant way to learn about alternative energy and solar power. The coolest bit? The robots even work on land and water!

2 Perpetual Marble Run ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Mesmerising marble merriment

Recipient of Gift of the Year 2019, you know you’re onto a winner with this brilliant marble run. A flat-pack that kids can assemble themselves, they just need to follow the simple instructions and push-fit the plywood pieces together, with a build time of 1-2 hours. Once the the spiral run and zig-zag are assembled the electric motor is added, and then the fun begins. The marbles are raised to the top of the lift, descend down the spiral then the zig-zag track, then taken back up to start all over again. As well as being fun to build and mesmerising to watch, this kit helps aspiring scientists develop their logical reasoning, concentration, and spatial insight.

3 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit ,  £24.95 £24.95

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Future engineers will love this kit

This entertaining 230 piece kit combines solar and hydraulic power to build twelve different mechanical models, from a snapping crocodile and a running ostrich to a master with a dog and a digging excavator. Each model has its own unique mechanical move, and everything is powered by solar energy and water, no batteries required. The kit comes with a solar panel, mechanical gear box and hydraulic transmission – a fantastic way for 11 year old girls and boys to learn about science.

4 Wind Power Experiment Kit ,  £44.95 £44.95

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An awesome kit for eco-conscious kids

A fantastic introduction to wind powered technology and green energy, this eco-friendly kit shows kids how to make build your own wind turbine. Then, conduct experiments to optimise the turbine’s performance by adjusting the angle of the blades and discover how to use the wind turbine to light up an LED and charge a rechargeable battery. Convert the generator into an electric motor and assemble a small electric car and watch it go! A fascinating way to explore renewable energy!

5 Hydraulic Cyborg Hand ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Need a hand?

Build one yourself and learn about pneumatic, robotic and hydraulic technology in the process. Using over 200 plastic pieces and piston tubes that you fill with water, build an awesome mechanical hand that uses hydraulic power to simulate the movements of the human hand–no motors or electricity required! Once assembled, your cyborg hand slips onto your own hand like a glove, with mechanical fingers that you operate with your own fingers and that can grip objects with enough force to lift them.

6 True Balance ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Super spinning stacking play

This fantastic game is all about balance, but it’s more interesting than it sounds! The challenge is to balance the eight connected discs on top of each other, but there’s a twist. Each magnetic wooden disc rotates on a different axis, which means they spin and swivel all over the place. Once – or should we say if! – you’ve mastered the upright stack, try using your other hand or even upside down for the ultimate challenge. A really mesmerising gift idea for any 11 year old interested in science – lots of fun and impossible to put down!

7 Hydraulic Robot Arm ,  £34.95 £34.95

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Build a cool hydraulic robotic arm!

Another super cool gift idea – what science-loving 11 year old doesn’t want to build their own robotic arm? And the really cool bit – it’s fuelled by the power of water, no motor or battery required. Once the mechanical arm has been constructed, it can be moved with great accuracy using levers. It can lift objects of up to 50g using the gripper, or the suction cup attachment can pick up smooth items. A great way to build engineering skills and learn all about hydraulic power!

8 Scorpion Anatomy 3D Model ,  £24.95 £24.95

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A truly fascinating model

Any 11 year old excited by exoskeletons will be stoked to own this amazing model showing the internal and external parts of a scorpions body. An illustrated guide book contains step-by-step instructions showing how to snap-fit the pieces together without any tools or glue needed. Then the 30cm skeleton and organs can be inspected through transparent panels. It comes with a stand so it can be displayed in bedrooms to fascinate onlookers – or surprise the unwary!

For more wicked gifts for 11 year olds, check out our website!

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