If You’ve Heard 30/35 Of These Things, You’re Definitely A Mum


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At Wicked Uncle, we know the hard work that goes into parenting – and most of it is putting up with hearing the same old stuff! Whether your child is 6 or 13, we’re sure you’ve heard at least 30 of these 35 (whines) phrases!

a mother tending to 4 young babies

1. Are we there yet?

2. *in response to absolutely everything* Why?

3. What’s for dinner?

4. I didn’t start it!

5. What’s for dessert?

6. But I’m not tired yet.

7. I didn’t get any homework…

8. Mum, look! Mum! Mum! (and so on…)

9. But Dad said…

10. But Mum said…

11. I’m hungry.

12. I want a cuddle.

a young baby playing with its mother

13. Just one more game.

14. I’ll be home before dinner!

15. But *insert friend’s name* is allowed to do it.

16. Can we get a dog?

17. *at 8am on a cold Monday* I’m not feeling too well…

18. I forgot.

19. Do I have to?

20. I’ll clean it tomorrow.

21. It’s not fair!

a sister annoying her brother and getting hit

22. Are you listening?

23. *after a distant clatter from upstairs* Muuuum…

24. I’m leaving home!

25. I’m bored.

26. Can I play now?

27. I made a friend.

28. Can you carry me?

29. But you promised!

30. *30 minutes into a car journey* I need the toilet.

a mother and son hugging

31. How old are you mummy?

32. You just don’t get it.

33. *after going anywhere exciting* Can we go back?!

34. Where’s my t-shirt/sock/toothbrush/toy?


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My child threw a lump of cheddar at me. I thought “That’s not very mature”.



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