Amuse the Children this Easter Holiday


So, let’s be honest. The children have a fortnight’s holiday from school looming. This is, on one level, a time for joyful family togetherness and creating memories you will always treasure. On another, it is a seemingly endless cycle of stopping them from bickering, dealing with complaints that they’re bored, and trying to remove felt tip pen marks from the furniture.

We have the perfect toys and games to keep them amused during the school holidays, whatever the weather.

We can deliver quickly too. Here is the Wicked Uncle Guide to rocking at school holiday fun.

Walk Like A Chicken – Scavenger Hunt Game

Walk Like A Chicken - Scavenger Hunt Game

Race to find tokens in this totally wacky preschool game for 2 or more players. Have an adult hide the pieces around the house or yard, then start the scavenger hunt. But there’s a clever catch – whatever token you’re looking for, that’s the way you have to move! From hopping like a kangaroo to zooming like an airplane, you’ve never looked so silly! With 18 funny cards, this smart game is a great way to get little ones active. Guaranteed giggles!

Kids Charades – Fun Acting Game

Kids Charades - Fun Acting Game

This all time classic game where the rules are simple, act out a phrase without speaking, while the other members of your team try to guess what it is. With six categories to choose from there’s an act for everyone, with simple, humorous mimes to raise a smile and giggle. From a Cheetah or a Skipping Rope to a Skateboard or a Circus Tent (tricky!) – pick a card, flip the timer and let the fun begin!

Bubble-Ology – Soapy Science Kit 

This excellent kit contains an illustrated 45-page activity book, packed with fun bubble experiments. Follow the instructions to create your own bubble mixture and use it to create honeycomb bubbles, snake bubbles, bubbles inside bigger bubbles and more! Includes materials to make your own wands, as well as experiments exploring surface tension and water molecules too. An exciting kit for any budding scientist – prepare to be blown away!

Little Bakers – A Game of Mixed-Up Baking!

Little Bakers - A Game of Mixed-Up Baking!

Wacky card game for 2 to 5 players – gather ingredients to complete your bake the quickest!
Fast-paced and fantastic fun, this cute card game is all about sweet treats. Pick up and discard ingredient cards to complete your assigned recipe – from yummy blueberry muffins to cute gingerbread people and delicious chocolate cake. Will you be the first to finish, or will you be left with a muddle of mixed-up ingredients? With adorable illustrations, as well as a handy recipe card for delicious vanilla cupcakes, this baking game is totally sweet!

Make Your Own Comic Book Kit

Make your own comic Book kit image showing how you can make your own comic book!

This awesome DIY pack will guide you in creating your very own cool comic. Follow the booklet for tips about about lettering, perspective, proportions and more. Then plan your story with the nifty idea generator list and fill in the blank 16-page template for a professional finish. The set includes coloured pencils, a double-ended fine liner, sharpener and rubber too, as well as two sheets of colourful stickers. A truly super set for any creative kid!

Roller Coaster Engineering – 305 Piece Experiment Kit

Roller Coaster Engineering - 305 Piece Experiment Kit

This works when you really want a super quiet day with the kids all building something together because they can conduct an action-packed series of hands-on physics experiments with this awesome 305 piece science set. Simply piece together the sturdy frame structures and attach the flexible track to build endless roller coaster designs. Experiment with mass and velocity to create cool loop-the-loops and steep drops. Includes a full colour illustrated manual to guide you, packed with cool facts and challenges. As fun as a day at the amusement park!

This is just some of our boredom-busting selection of books, toys, games and gifts. Check out the full range and you’ll see that there’s something for everyone this Easter holiday. Order now to avoid the holiday blues.

Here are some jokes to keep everyone amused.

I went to a “Plastic Surgery Anonymous” meeting last night. I saw lots of new faces.

I admit I was wrong about how good my chiropractor is. I stand corrected.

Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over.

They have just found the gene for shyness. They would have found it earlier, but it was hiding behind two other genes. 



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