Brilliant Educational Games For 6 Year Olds


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Six-year-old children love to play and learn. Need some great gift ideas that will boost their brain power and keep them entertained? You’re in luck because we’ve compiled an ultimate list of the most brilliant educational games for 6 year olds. Here are our top picks!

Top Tried & Tested Games

  1. The Human Body Under X-Ray
  2. Cycle Gears – 30 Piece Set
  3. The Human Body Science Kit
  4. IQ Puzzler Pro
  5. Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Game
  6. Explore the Safari – Magic Light Puzzle
  7. Awful Auntie’s Wonderful Witty Word Games
  8. Hungry Bug Eating Plants
  9. Ant World
  10. Stars and Planets Science Kit

1The Human Body Under X-Ray, £17.95£17.95

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A brilliant introduction to the body

This 84-piece jigsaw puzzle is a brilliant way for six-year-olds to begin to understand the human body. First, fit the pieces together. Then, study the images. Next, attempt the mission cards with different body parts listed on them — can you find the sternum, the jaw bone and the manubrium? Finally, use the cool UV torch to reveal what can’t be seen with the naked eye. Clever fun!

2Cycle Gears – 30 Piece Set, £15.95£15.95

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Top gear!

Looking for an exciting, hands-on activity? Cultivate your child’s engineering skills with this cool kit! The chunky pieces are ideal for little hands, and the 30 gears snap together easily to make awesome, moving motorcycles. Comes complete with an activity guide. A fabulously fun way to build STEM skills and critical thinking abilities!

3The Human Body Science Kit, £29.95£29.95

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Explore human anatomy

Have a future doctor in the family? Encourage them to learn all about the human body with 26 fun experiments! Examine fingerprints, learn about what happens to the food we eat, build a working stethoscope and much more! All of the experiments relate back to the human body systems, and everything is clearly and accurately illustrated. Next stop, medical school!

4IQ Puzzler Pro, £9.95£9.95

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Pure genius!

Budding geniuses will love this highly entertaining brain teaser, which uses combinations of coloured balls to challenge children’s brain power and building skills. The enclosed booklet contains 120 designs and challenges, ranging in difficulty from easy to expert — use the balls to complete the designs. Hours and hours of IQ-building fun, perfect for kids aged six and up!

5Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Game, £7.95£7.95

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Gangsta Granny + Maths = Fun

Is the six-year-old in your life a David Walliams fan? They’ll adore this collection of fun mental math games! Players must add, subtract and multiply to earn the highest possible scores. The game features 48 cards, all illustrated by Tony Ross. A brilliant way to practice maths. Try your best to make Gangsta Granny proud!

6Explore the Safari – Magic Light Puzzle, £17.95£17.95

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Perfect for young explorers

Go on safari from your living room with this gorgeous 70-piece puzzle. Once you’ve put it together, observe over 40 different animals, including elephants and zebras. Use the special UV torch to reveal what can’t be seen with the naked eye — this puzzle is full of surprises! Use the four wipe-clean cards to record your findings. Totally roar-some!

7Awful Auntie’s Wonderfully Witty Word Games, £7.95£7.95

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A fantastic choice for little wordsmiths

Know a kid who loves language? This witty and wordy game set, based on the David Walliams’ best-seller, consists of 100 illustrated cards. Use the cards to play seven different word games, including quick-fire spelling races and DIY crosswords. The game comes with a booklet of the Key Stage 1 and 2 spellings, making it a fun and funny way for children to develop these necessary skills.

8Hungry Bug Eating Plants, £10.95£10.95

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Cool, carnivorous plants

Ever wanted to grow a Venus flytrap? How about a pitcher plant? You’re in luck because this box contains everything you need to grow your very own insect-eating plant garden! Inside, you’ll find seeds, compost discs, and a fun booklet full of bug-based puzzles. A wonderful and educational gift for nature-obsessed six-year-olds!

9Ant World, £15.95£15.95

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Awesome ants!

This amazing ant world allows you to watch the ants build tunnels, construct their home and feed each other. It’s loads of fun to put the kit together, and ants make great pets — they’re clean, easy to keep and cheap to feed. This unique set has everything you need to get started as a master ant-keeper — all you need now is to find some ants!

10Stars and Planets Science Kit, £15.95£15.95

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Blast off!

Little astronauts, this one is for you! With this cool set, you can construct your very own solar system and conduct hands-on experiments to learn about the stars and planets. A wonderful way to learn all about outer space. Also good preparation for future NASA job applications!

For more brilliant gift ideas for 6 year olds, check out our website!

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