Beyond Play: How Toys Give Your Child an Advantage in Life


The appeal of toys for kids is obvious: they’re fun! But the benefits go beyond keeping little ones happily entertained. Different types of age-appropriate toys can help to promote cognitive development, motor skills, socialization, and other important building blocks of a curious, imaginative child.

Read on to see how your little one can reap the benefits of toys at every stage:

  • Babies: From the moment of birth, infants are soaking up every detail of the world around them. Age-appropriate toys of various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures help to enhance their sensory abilities. Sound is also a critical factor: toys that rattle, crinkle, or play music will keep them engaged and sharpen their auditory perception. For older babies, simple blocks help to strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Shop gender-specific toys for baby girls and baby boys.
  • Toddlers: As little ones get older and more mobile, their toy repertoire grows to build on their foundation of skills. They can benefit from shape-sorting toys, stacking toys, colour and shape matching activities, riding toys, and building toys. This is also a good time to introduce basic alphabet and number learning toys, as well as object and animal identification.
  • Preschoolers: Starting around age 4, most kids are ready to master letters, numbers, and sounds. There are countless different learning toys that help preschoolers develop early literacy skills, from hand-held electronics to alphabet puzzles to board books and games. Musical toys also help teach rhythm and timing. This is a fun way to prepare children for nursery.

Toys aren’t just a diversion—they’re essential tools for learning. By matching up your child with a game, doll, or activity that’s suited to their age and skill-set, you’re giving her a head-start toward success.



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