Best Family Games in 2021


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Follow our advice for the best family games – they’re bound to impress. From the competitive and the challenging to the downright wacky, these cool family games will bring your whole family together!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Games

  1. Horrible Histories – The Board Game
  2. Beat That! – Battle of Wacky Challenges
  3. Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!
  4. Stinky Pig Game
  5. Pindaloo
  6. Imagidice
  7. Suspend
  8. Vile Villains – Horrible Histories Playing Cards
  9. Creepy Crawly Challenge
  10. What’s In The Box?

1Horrible Histories – The Board Game, £19.95£19.95

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A blast from the past!

History buffs, listen up! This educational game takes players on a wildly entertaining journey through time, from the Rotten Romans to the Vile Victorians and beyond. Move around the board by answering historical trivia questions or performing silly actions. Comes with over 600 questions so the fun can go on and on. Suitable for 2 to 4 players!

2Beat That! – Battle of Wacky Challenges, £24.95£24.95

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Brilliantly bonkers!

Get ready to bounce, flip, stack, and laugh your way to victory! Pick a wacky challenge and bet on your ability to complete it. Can you build the best catapult out of chopsticks and ping pong balls? How about gargling a tune in Mouthwash Karaoke? Over 160 hilarious off-the-wall challenges for the whole family to try. You never know who’ll be shouting ‘Beat That!’

3Liar! Liar! – Pants on Fire!, £12.95£12.95

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The only game you win by lying!

This fast-paced game tests your ability to tell truth from fiction. Each card comes with three ‘facts’ – except only two of them are true! Roll the die to select which fact you have to read aloud. Can you keep a straight face while telling a big fat fib? Bestselling fun for 2-8 players. (Trust us!)

4Stinky Pig Game, £10.95£10.95

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Pass the piggy

This simple but hilarious game revolves around the cutest new member of the family: Stinky Pig! Pass him round the circle, and whoever he randomly farts on has to pick up a token – the person that ends the game with the least tokens wins. He even sings when you press his belly – by the New Year, the whole family will be in love!

5Pindaloo, £10.95£10.95

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Who will master it first?

Far harder than it looks, Pindaloo will have the entire family hooked! All you have to do is loop the ball from one end of the tube to the other, which takes more skill than you might think. But soon enough, even your youngest niece will be throwing in tricks and flicks to showboat!

6Imagidice, £13.95£13.95

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New festive fantasies

A creative game to let the family imagination run wild! Roll the 12 picture dice, and try to construct a story that connects every picture. With 72 pictures in total, there are over 10 million different combinations. And you thought Monopoly was time-consuming…

7Suspend, £16.95£16.95

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Who has the steadiest hand in the family? Who can really hold their nerve? Suspend will answer these fundamental family curiosities: stack the rods on the frame, and try to manipulate the balance to throw your family members off! Forget Jenga, this is the tensest family game for the festive period.

8Vile Villains – Horrible Histories Playing Cards, £4.95£4.95

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A dreadful deck

Looking for a fun twist on regular playing cards? This Horrible Histories-themed deck is perfect for a day spent indoors. Play any standard card game, but with a bonus history lesson thrown on top. Each suit card features a different historical villain and gruesome details of their infamous deeds! Dreadful delight!

9Creepy Crawly Challenge, £8.95£8.95

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Forget the Quality Streets

Challenge your family to the ultimate survival game with this creepily realistic game. With 9 gummy bug-shaped sweets, ranging from maggots to scorpions, you have to eat whichever the spinner lands on. You might get a sweet strawberry surprise, or a horrible curry shock! Either way, make sure you play this one after your Sunday lunch.

10What’s In The Box?, £12.95£12.95

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Calling all family detectives!

This game doesn’t just involve the whole family – it includes the entire house! One player hides an item from around the house in the box, and the rest of the family have to work out what’s inside. Shake and listen, or ask up to 21 yes or no questions – but absolutely no peeking! This one is addictive and frustrating – especially when they’ve picked something from your own room.

There are plenty more great family games over on our website!

What’s green, covered in tinsel and goes ‘ribbet ribbed’? A Mistle-toad!



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