21 New Year’s Resolutions Parents Made Which Have Already Been Broken!


Happy New Year! We’re greeting a new decade, which also means we’re saying hello to a whole host of new resolutions. But it’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions – the hard part is keeping them, especially as a parent! So, here are 21 New Year’s resolutions that we bet mums and dads all over the country have already broken.

women frustrated

1. Shout less.

2. Cook more adventurously

3. Get better at enforcing bedtimes.

4. Be more patient (the children haven’t made this one any easier…)

5. Get out more – there’s just too much good TV to watch!

6. Apologising more.

7. Staying clear of the chocolate stash…the Christmas leftovers aren’t going to eat themselves!

8. Cleaning that ‘messy drawer’.

9. Washing up straight after dinner.

10. Keep the toys organised.

11. Get more exercise.

12. Going to that Pilates class.

dog doing exercise

13. Save more money!

14. Try to get more sleep.

15. Organising family trips out – the teenagers had other ideas.

16. Sort out that unruly pile of coats.

17. Use less technology – the iPad just keeps staring at you…

18. Stay on-top of the clothes washing: that empty clothes basket is in sight!

19. Avoid dumping the post on the kitchen table.

20. Worry less.

21. Read more – and no, Facebook does not count!

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