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Present Ideas for Creative Kids

If you buy a present for a child, it’s quite nice to get them something to encourage creativity. So here is the Wicked Uncle Guide to presents for creative kids. We pride ourselves on finding unusual gifts that are lots of fun. Sometimes creative fun is messy, but not always.

Leave notes, doodles or be wildly artistic on this cool LED light up message board. It comes with neon pens and wipes clean for new designs.

All children love chocolate, they also love making things, so what could be more perfect than a kit that takes care of both?

Create your own musical masterpieces and go online to hear them played by a real orchestra.This classy set contains 60 transparent music cards that can be flipped and rotated in millions of different ways to create your very own musical score. Mozart in training?

Grow and create an enchanting fairy habitat with this incredibly popular kit. Fairy dust comes included with this magical gift!

Design and make your favourite colour putty then add some shimmer, shine or glow in the dark effect.

Search some more of our creative toys here. We really do have something brilliant for every child. Albert Einstein said “creativity is contageous, pass it on.” You should probably take his advice, he was quite brainy.

Some creative jokes:

How many visitors to an art gallery does it take to change a light bulb?
 Two. One to do it and one to say “Huh! My four-year old could’ve done that!”

Salvador Dali walks into a fish and orders a pint of stamps.
The barman says, “Why the bicycle wheel?”

I got into a fight with an artist last night…
We drew.


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