17 Reasons Why Being a Grandparent is so Much Better Than Being a Parent


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Being a parent is a serious responsibility but being a grandparent is just seriously fun! When it comes to your grandchildren, anything goes. Ice cream for breakfast? No problem. Endless hours of play? Can do! Bedtime? What bedtime? Here’s our hilarious (and true) list of reasons why being a grandparent is even better than being a parent!

Ready? Here we go…

1. You already know what works and what doesn’t.

2. You are happy to indulge all of their quirks.

3. You give even smarter advice this time around.

4. You get to teach them all the best games from your own childhood.

5. With age comes patience, which makes you a better listener.

6. You have the perspective to know that even if they refuse to eat their broccoli or take a nap, they’ll still turn out fine.

7. You can tell them about the good old days — and they actually listen to you.

8. You get to do all the fun stuff and skip out all the boring stuff. Endless games, picnics and trips to the zoo? Yes, please!

9. You can buy them all the ‘non-essential’ things their parents won’t buy.

10. You’ve lightened up, and you’re ready to laugh.

11. You get to keep your house as-is. Sure, you let the grandchildren make a mess when they come over. But when they go home, you can have your space back.

12. You know that food = love. And you’ve got lots of love (and biscuits) to give!

13. You can try out all of your best recipes on a new audience.

14. You finally have an excuse to re-watch all of your favourite cartoons!

15. You cherish time with your grandchildren even more because it’s not 24/7.

16. A new generation means that you can finally start passing down some of your precious family heirlooms.

17. Your own children will come to appreciate you even more — for your advice, your help and your great grandparenting skills!

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