The Best STEM Toys for 8 Year Olds


Educational toys that they will actually love are something we specialise in here at Witched Uncle! Science and technology is fascinating to children, and it’s really important to encourage this love for learning by providing them with quality educational toys to really engage with. STEM toys that allow them to experiment with ideas and concepts in order to develop their skills are very useful, but they have to be fun, too! The elves here at Wicked Uncle HQ have been testing and trying out various educational toys for boys and girls that they will both love and we have assembled this collection for 8 year olds that we think will be the most fun!

Top STEM Toys:

  1. Solar Explorer 6 in 1 Kit
  2. 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  3. Tower Crane Construction
  4. IQ Circuit
  5. Rubber Band Racers
  6. GeoSafari SeaScope
  7. Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run
  8. Mechanical Coding Robot
  9. Vega 360 Telescope
  10. Tarantula Anatomy 3D Model
  11. Vex Robotic Arm – DIY Construction Set
  12. Robotics Hook Shot

1 Solar Explorer 6 in 1 Kit – Easy Build ,  £12.99 £12.99

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Learn about solar power building fun mini robots that move.

This fun kit allows you to build your very own little robots powered by just the sun. A fun introduction to solar power and renewable energy, this easy to build kit has six moving robots powered by a solar panel. Everything is in the kit to build the different models, from a walking robot dog and solar plane to a fun boat or solar car. Or come up with your own design if you feel really creative, all powered up by simply sitting on the window-sill. Entertaining mini project to learn whilst having fun.

2 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit ,  £29.99 £29.99

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Use solar and hydraulic power to build moving models

This entertaining 230 piece set can build twelve different mechanical models of animals and machines. Each model features the key characteristics of the animal or machine, each with its own unique mechanical move. Kids can construct models ranging from a snapping crocodile and a running ostrich to a master with a dog and a digging excavator. The kit comes with a solar panel, mechanical gear box and hydraulic transmission – and it’s all powered by solar energy and water, no batteries required – fantastic!

3 Tower Crane Construction ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Physics and engineering genius!

Build your own giant functional crane with this brilliant engineering set. Simply follow the illustrated instructions to assemble the 830 pieces using an easy snap-together building system. Standing over 2 feet tall when completed, the crane has 360° rotation, a latching hook to transport loads – and even a functional lift with two mini construction workers to ride in it! Explore the wonders of construction and take your building skills to new heights – a great gift idea for curious 8 year olds.

4 IQ Circuit ,  £15.95 £15.95

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Learning engineering the fun way!

For those budding mechanical or electrical engineers in the family or just those who love a puzzle, this game is perfect! Test your skills of logic and deduction with this tricky single player puzzle game. Simply place the ten double-sided game pieces into the base, connecting all of the gold circuits and completing the puzzles from the guide. There are 120 challenges in five difficulty levels to enjoy. But look out – the puzzles get more complicated as you go! Beautifully designed and with a handy travel case, this fun game is a real winner.

5 Rubber Band Racers – Build 5 Models ,  £21.95 £21.95

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Build models using rubber band power

Future engineers will love this brilliant set, which features a fully detailed 16 page instruction booklet showing how to build five different models including an airplane, helicopter, fan car, airboat and a hydrofoil. Using a unique reversible propeller and ultralight parts, the builds can then be observed in action as they fly through the air and speed along. Kids will learn how propellers push vehicles forward, how rubber bands store energy and even how elasticity makes a boat zoom across the water!

6 GeoSafari SeaScope – See Underwater ,  £39.99 £39.99

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Explore secret underwater habitats

This awesome scientific scope lets you explore underwater life in ponds, lakes, rockpools and more – without getting wet. Investigate everything from sea stars to kelp beds in 5X magnification, then use the 15cm ruler to measure the size of your specimens. Illuminate dark water discoveries with the built-in LED torch and record the water temperature with the handy thermometer. Discover a secret world – truly fascinating.

7 Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Fun to build, mesmerising to watch

Winner of Gift of the Year 2019, this brilliant marble run is a flat-pack that 8 year olds can assemble themselves. Made of plywood, kids just need to follow the simple set of pictures to push-fit them together, with a build time of 1-2 hours. Once the the spiral run and zig-zag are assembled the electric motor is added. The marbles are raised to the top of the lift, descend down the spiral then down the zig-zag track, then taken back up to the spiral to start all over again! This kit helps aspiring engineers develop their logical reasoning, concentration, and spatial insight.

8 Salt Water Engine Car ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Build your own engine car – powered by salt water drops!

This innovative car assembly kit has a build time of about one hour and demonstrates a new form of clean energy. The special fuelled cell 4×4 car is powered from a chemical reaction with saline, metal and water. Adding literally just a few drops of salt water will start the engine running and the car will run for around 7-8 minutes before it needs more fuel. Excellent tool for learning!

9 Vega 360 Telescope ,  £69.95 £69.95

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Get up close with the moon and the stars!

With this lightweight portable telescope, young scientists can explore the natural wonders of the earth and beyond. From the craters of the moon and bright stars to close-ups of birds to animals, this aluminium telescope can magnify images from 20x to an incredible 80x. The all-glass optics provide users with clear, up-close images and the tabletop tripod makes exploring easy, no matter where you are. From GeoSafari, comes with two interchangeable glass eyepieces and an image erector for viewing terrestrial subjects. Discover the world around you – sure to inspire!

10 Tarantula Anatomy 3D Model ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Model of the inner workings of a tarantula!

With no tools or glue needed, the detailed snap-fit parts are easy to assemble, then inspect the 26cm arachnid’s skeleton and organs through transparent panels. Constructing the body in this way teaches the user about the internal and external structure and how the organs work together. Equipped with a stand, this awesome model is truly fascinating and makes an impressive room decoration to surprise the unwary!

11 Vex Robotic Arm ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Build a functioning robot arm with grabber

This incredible 380-piece robotic arm kit is easy to assemble and requires no batteries or wires. Simply follow the instructions in the 66-page manual to build a 25cm tall, fully functional model of a manufacturing arm. Once built, the arm can raise objects up and fully rotate through 4 points of motion. Perfect for picking up building blocks, stinky socks and more! Featuring two alternative builds and colour illustrations, this set is totally claw-some!

12 Robotics Hook Shot ,  £24.95 £24.95

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Get hands-on with physics and engineering

This incredible 250-piece construction kit is easy to assemble and requires no batteries or wires. Simply follow the instructions in the 62-page manual to build the 38cm model, then turn the handle to watch it in motion! The mechanism fires balls up and around a loop, then back into the hopper to be launched again. Featuring two alternative builds, eight ping-pong style balls and full colour illustrations, this set is a sure-fire winner.

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