Fun Experiment Kits For 8 Year Olds


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Experiment kits make brilliant gifts for eight-year-olds! These toys are hands-on and educational, and they’re also loads of fun. Looking for some inspiration? With our expert panel of children, we’ve put together the ultimate list of fun experiment kits for 8-year-olds. From STEM sets and solar-powered robotics to creative building projects, here are our top picks!

Best Experiment Kits for Eight-Year-Olds:

  1. 6 in 1 Solar Recycler Kit
  2. 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  3. Archi.Tech Smart House
  4. Squishy Human Body – Check your Vitals!
  5. GeoSafari SeaScope – See Underwater
  6. The Human Body – Under X-Ray
  7. Bath Bomb Factory – So Bomb DIY
  8. Kinetic Machines – 5 in 1 Experiment Kit
  9. Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run
  10. Magnetic Compass – Build your Own

1 6 in 1 Solar Recycler ,  £16.95 £16.95

Out of Stock

Recycle, reuse, have fun

This set makes a great gift for eco-friendly kids. All of the models are easy to make with recycled items and powered by the sun. Recycle a drinking can into a walking robot, turn empty water bottles into a flying bird, and transform old CDs into super-sleek CD racers. A fantastic introduction to solar technology, and a fabulous gift for budding inventors. Awesome!

2 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit ,  £24.95 £24.95

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Water + Sun = Fun!

This entertaining experiment kit combines solar and hydraulic power to make moving models. Use the 230 pieces to build twelve different mechanical animals and machines. Assemble your very own running ostrich, digging excavator and snapping crocodile. Everything is powered by solar energy and water, so no batteries are required. Harness the power of the sun!

3 Archi.Tech Smart House ,  £29.95 £29.95

Out of Stock

Experiment with architecture

Young architects will enjoy this clever engineering toy! The box contains everything you need to conduct 20 electronic experiments, as well as an instruction and activity book. Use the modular building system to design a house and then kit it out with all kinds of cool gadgets, like a speaker and a burglar alarm. For even more fun, have a go at building a treehouse, a pulley-operated trapdoor and so much more. A truly brilliant experiment set!

4 Squishy Human Body – Check your Vitals! ,  £19.95 £19.95

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A squishy intro to anatomy

Need a totally unique gift for a boy or girl who loves anatomy? This 12-inch tall model of a human skeleton fits the bill! The model features removable squishy organs and representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. You can even play surgeon by using the forceps and tweezers to remove bones, muscles and organs. A fun and original way to explore what makes the human body tick!

5 GeoSafari SeaScope – See Underwater ,  £29.95 £29.95

Out of Stock

Look underwater without getting wet

Eight-year-old marine biologists will love this water-resistant extendable seascope, which features 5X magnification to uncover underwater life in ponds, lakes, rockpools and more. Use the built-in ruler to measure the size of your specimens, and put the built-in LED torch to use by illuminating your dark water discoveries. You can even record the water temperature with the handy thermometer. Explore a whole new world!

6 The Human Body – Under X-Ray ,  £18.95 £18.95

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Next stop: med school!

Future doctors and medical professionals will have hours of fun with this cool learning aid. Build the 84-piece jigsaw puzzle and then study the images. Once you’re ready, it’s time to attempt the mission cards–can you identify the sternum? How about the jaw bone? Use the special UV torch to locate and reveal what can’t be seen with the naked eye. Incredible and educational!

7 Bath Bomb Factory – So Bomb DIY ,  £25.95 £25.95

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DIY spa night

Spa night, coming up! This creative experiment kit challenges kids to make their own fizzy bath bombs, ready in just 30 minutes. Choose from three fabulous scents: strawberry, pineapple or vanilla, or combine all three! The kit comes with enough ingredients to create six luxury bath bombs. A fun, fragrant and relaxing time awaits!

8 Kinetic Machines – 5 in 1 Experiment Kit ,  £17.95 £17.95

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Make five different kinetic machines…

This kit contains everything kids need to conduct five awesome experiments. Which one will you build first? A balancing dragonfly? A rubber-band-powered race car that zooms across the floor? A catapult that launches objects through the air? Difficult to decide, but easy to do! Best of all, the 28-page illustrated manual will teach you all about the physics behind your five incredible creations. Engineering excellence!

9 Engenius Contraptions – Perpetual Marble Run ,  £29.95 £29.95

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Round and round it goes…

Eight-year-old engineers will enjoy hours of entertainment with this super-cool marble run! First, assemble the laser-cut plywood sheets to build the run. Next, add the electric motor. Finally, watch in awe as the marbles are raised to the top of the lift, descend the spiral and the zig-zag track, then head back up the spiral to start again, in perpetual motion. A fantastic physics kit for curious kids!

10 Magnetic Compass – Build your Own ,  £15.95 £15.95

Out of Stock

Fun with magnets

This construction set makes a wonderful gift for budding scientists. The 35-piece kit contains the metallic balls and magnetic rods you need to build a working compass. The process combines the fascinating forces of magnetism with the tactile, hands-on experience of mechanical construction. Which way should you go? Keep experimenting and soon you’ll have the answer!

For more brilliant educational toys for 8-year-olds, check out what’s popular on our website!

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