Best Outdoor STEM Toys in 2020


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It’s never been more important to keep the children outdoors and away from screens, and for boys and girls obsessed with all things STEM, this shouldn’t be too hard. The Wicked Uncle Elves have hand-picked the best toys, tested and approved for hours of garden adventures.

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Roadster Cabriolet
  2. 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit
  3. Motion Control Drone
  4. Tobbie
  5. Salt Water Engine Car
  6. Crashapult
  7. Turbospoke
  8. Ultralight Airplanes
  9. Salt Water Motorcycle Kit
  10. Insects – Meccano 3 Model Kit
  11. Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse
  12. Stars & Planets Science Kit
  13. Rubber Band Racers
  14. Vega 360 Telescope
  15. Wildlife Detective Kit
  16. My First Microscope

1Roadster Cabriolet , £16.99£16.99

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A stylish, motorised model kit

If their Dad’s reminiscing over his favourite cars has had any effect, then you may be buying for a child with impeccable taste in motors! And the Wicked Uncle Elves have the perfect toy for them – this 174-piece set comes with instructions, tools, and metal nuts and bolts for an authentic dip into the world of engineering. Complete with decorative decal sheets and pull-back motors, they’ll be in awe of their chic, exciting sport car creations!

212 In 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit, £24.95£24.95

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A construction kit with variety

This cool gift is packed with just about everything a budding engineer would want. 12 different mechanical models of animals and machines, run on a mix of solar and hydraulic power – this is a mad medley of creative, STEM wonder. All packaged into a colourful, 230-piece set, they’re in for weeks of fun – but they won’t know where to start!

3Motion Control Drone, £29.95£29.95

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Handheld aerodynamics!

In 2019, drones are everywhere – if they’re not delivering parcels, they’re filming Hollywood blockbusters. But the Motion Control Drone brings the fun back home: with a mouse-like gadget that clips to the fingers, this toy is super easy to control, moving at the motion of your hand. With a 50 metre flight range and a 5-8 minute flight time, this is small-scale flying fit for a budding STEM child.

4Tobbie, £29.95£29.95

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A 16cm companion

If AI is the future, then Tobbie is their figurehead. He only takes a couple of hours to build, but is super intelligent! Put him in ‘Explore’ mode to watch him utilise his infrared sensors to roam around the house; or, if the children need a little more attention, they can put him in ‘Follow Me’ mode and have him happily tail any passers-by! With fun effects and LED eyes as well, Tobbie will catch the hearts of the whole family.

5Salt Water Engine Car, £15.95£15.95

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The future of engineering!

For the child that can’t get enough of wheels and engines, this toy is bound to keep their motors running. A V8 engine 4×4, the Salt Water Engine Car only takes an hour to build – and best of all, it runs on nothing more than salt water. Today they’ll be enthralled watching their creation whizz around the garden, but tomorrow they’ll be at the frontline of creating clean, sustainable energy!

6Crashapult, £20.00£20.00

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Engineering has never been so fun

A toy that’s fun and educational, the Crashapult is for the creative children with a mind for construction. No batteries or springs are required, because this present is about the power of the child’s mind: they’ll have to learn about angles, motion, and force to complete all the challenges! A 13-piece set that rewards problem-solving and critical-thinking.

7Turbospoke, £17.99£17.99

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An eye-catching bike renovation

We all know those children that can’t keep their feet off the pedals, and we’re sure they’d jump at the chance to make their bike the coolest on the street. The Turbospoke clamps onto the frame of the bike, and makes exciting, realistic engine noises as the wheel turns! Along with the stylish custom stickers, this gift is the perfect precursor to a life full of expensive car customisations…

8Ultralight Airplanes, £14.95£14.95

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Garden-sized air travel

For any child that spends most afternoons gazing at the airplanes in the sky, this toy is a great way to bring the excitement down a few thousand feet. With a clear, detailed instruction booklet, they’ll have no trouble constructing models like the Biplane and the Tandem Wing. They can even design their own, trying multiple designs to see how it affects the glider’s flight – next stop: Heathrow.

9Salt Water Motorcycle Kit, £16.95£16.95

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Clean, creative fun

While it’s wonderful watching little engineers grow and develop their interests, it’s crucial they learn how to protect the environment in the process. At Wicked Uncle, we know all about this, so we’ve picked out this impressive, rounded Motorcycle Kit, which runs on nothing more than salt water! They’ll be thrilled watching it race around the garden, but will be engrossed to learn about this new, clean energy.

10Insects – Meccano 3 Model Kit, £9.95£9.95

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Insect intruders

It must be quite disappointing for a wildlife-obsessed child to repeatedly find worms and wasps in the back garden – Britain isn’t a hotbed of exoticism. So let them enjoy Mother Nature with a dosage of construction instead: this insanely cool, 72-piece kit builds a dragonfly, cricket, and hornet! Engineering skills will be put to good test with these real metal parts, but the results will be awe-inspiring.

11Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse, £12.95£12.95

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Creative and curious!

For the child who loves their natural sciences, this cool gift offers a creative way to satisfy this curiosity. With easy-to-assemble wooden panels and screws already provided, this birdhouse is easy to put up, and instantly rewarding. The front entrance can even be decorated with the provided paints – it’s important to treat your winged guests to a pretty home!

12Stars & Planets Science Kit, £15.95£15.95

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Calling budding astronauts

The Wicked Uncle Elves know just how mesmerising the solar system is, but just how baffling it is at the same time! Why are stars so bright? Why is the moon made of cheese? All of these age-old questions are answered with this present’s easy, hands-on experiments. First they’ll learn all they need to know, next they’ll be interning at NASA.

13Rubber Band Racers, £15.95£15.95

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Quirky and informative

This toy puts a cool, informative twist on model kits: using rubber bands, children can make airplanes, airboats and more, and the results are fascinating! They get to learn the wonders of elasticity and resourceful forms of energy, while also having the rewarding feeling of watching your own creations whizz around the garden. They’re all very lightweight, so just make sure the dog doesn’t get its paws on one.

14Vega 360 Telescope, £44.95£44.95

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Portable star-gazing

There is much for young children to be fascinated by, but space certainly tops the podium. With the Vega 360’s all-glass optics, any budding explorer will be treated to a startling view of the night’s many stars! And this tabletop tripod isn’t just for the darkness – it can magnify the close and personal, so they can marvel at animals and birds during the day too. This is 24/7 entertainment, so you can really put your feet up.

15Wildlife Detective Kit, £15.95£15.95

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Experiment on your own garden!

We all know a child who can’t get their head out of the garden bushes (hopefully not literally…), so help them out with this super informative Wildlife Detective Kit. A gift full of fascination, children can learn how creatures of the garden live, and even run their own experiments with specimen bags and plaster kits. With everything clearly explained in the 20-page guidebook, this is a guaranteed week of fun. Just make sure no squirrels are harmed in the process.

16My First Microscope, £21.95£21.95

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The youngest are the most curious of all

Even the smallest children can develop intrigue for science and nature, and this seriously easy-to-use microscope is the perfect way to nurture that interest. With its simple rubberised eye pieces and its convenient, oversized focusing knob, this is a toy for the littlest to operate and be mesmerised by! If they’re starting this early, you’re going to have an Attenborough on your hands by age 12.

For more outdoor STEM toys, head over to our Outdoorsy and Engineer categories, where the Elves have plenty more in store!

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