Best Toys For 9 Year Old Girls in 2021


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Buying toys for 9 year old girls can prove tricky! But here at Wicked Uncle, we have searched high and low to find the absolute best toys and games, all of which have been tried and tested by our panel of nine year old toy experts.

To help you with your toy search, we’ve also included some useful developmental milestone information and answers to frequently asked questions about this age group. Now, get ready to be inspired because here are our top toy picks:

Top Toys for 9 Year Old Girls:

  1. Glow Art
  2. Bath Bomb Factory
  3. Hairlights – Temporary Colour Highlights
  4. Butterfly Pillowcase
  5. Friendship Charm Bracelet Kit – Snow Days
  6. Mega-Tastic Challenges Game
  7. Unicorn Cake Baking Kit
  8. Cat’s Cradle
  9. Jellyfish Tank Moodlight
  10. Magic Terrarium
  11. Magic Notebook – Wand Pencil
  12. Unicorn Sparkle – Luxury Bath Set
  13. Perfume Lab
  14. Glitter Light
  15. Cat Toweling Headband
  16. Tie Dye Luxury Kit

1Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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Let creativity grow!

This one makes a great choice for artistic 9 year old girls who can’t stop drawing. The blank canvas of the light-up drawing board will keep them inspired for hours! The exciting Glow Art frame lights up in 36 different ways, so her own mini masterpieces can be transformed endlessly! Just use the fluorescent markers included to sketch or trace away, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth to start again. Brilliant!

2Bath Bomb Factory, £24.95£24.95

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A cool kit for crafty girls

Creative girls will love this fun-filled creativity kit! Make six cool, fizzy bath bombs in strawberry, pineapple, and vanilla scents—or combine all three for a sweet-smelling tutti-frutti fragrance. Mix the brightly coloured powders with the glittery powders and add decorative sprinkles and surprise figures to the mould. Bath time has never been such fragrant fun!

3Hairlights – Temporary Colour Highlights, £12.95£12.95

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Add some flair to your hair!

Fashionistas and trendsetters, this one’s for you! This brilliant kit contains six different hair shadows. Follow the detailed activity guide to learn how to create the latest ombre look or vibrantly coloured highlights. The colour chalk washes out with shampoo. One of the best toys for 9 year old girls, and certain to be a hit at sleepovers and parties!

4Butterfly Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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Doodle your own butterfly garden

This gorgeous cotton pillowcase comes with ten wash-out pens so girls can colour, wash, and colour again. The design depicts a gorgeous natural scene, brimming with beautiful butterflies and fabulous flowers. A wonderful way to encourage creativity and mindfulness in nine-year-olds — and a fabulous decorative addition to any bedroom!

5Friendship Charm Bracelet Kit – Snow Days, £14.95£14.95

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Wear them and share them

Future jewellery designers will adore this kit, which contains everything you need to create six gorgeous charm bracelets. The kit comes with high-quality beads, silver-plated charms, a selection of pretty cords, and a lovely keepsake box. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to make cool bracelets to wear and share with your friends. Stylish!

6Mega-Tastic Challenges Game, £14.95£14.95

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From the wonderful world of Walliams

Know a girl who loves David Walliams books? She’ll have hours of fun with this fast-paced board game. Players must race around the board collecting five unforgettable characters from Gangsta Granny, Awful Aunty and more. Spin the spinner and complete a mega-tactic physical feat, a mind-bending puzzle, or a fun trivia question against the timer. A zany, bookworm-y addition to family game night!

7Unicorn Cake Baking Kit, £14.95£14.95

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A sweet surprise

Will your favourite nine-year-old be voted this week’s Star Baker? Find out with this fun activity set! The kit contains everything you need to make four bright layers—all you need to add is the milk, eggs and butter. Decorate your magical creation with sprinkles, flowers, unicorn accessories and tasty icing, which are all included. Final step: unleashing this delicious mystical unicorn cake on the world! Yum!

8Cat’s Cradle, £5.50£5.50

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String together hours of fun…

Sometimes fun comes in simple packages. With a pink cord and a set of easy instructions, this toy helps her master a range of intriguing string figures, including the old classic: Cat’s Cradle. An extra player can even be added to make the game more challenging! Equip a 9 year old girl with the coolest party trick around.

9Jellyfish Tank Moodlight, £18.95£18.95

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Table-top aquarium

Room decor with an underwater twist! This mood light is a stylish accompaniment to any 9 year old girl’s room! This relaxing lamp with soothing LEDs lights up in three different colours. Meanwhile, the lifelike jellyfish glide around with the power of the water jets. Fortunately, these adorable little creatures don’t need to be fed…

10Magic Terrarium, £15.95£15.95

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Grow your own crystals

Science and decor join forces with this stunning kit! Follow the step-by-step instructions to grow a crystal terrarium with a beautiful rainbow theme. Add the magic tree, growing powder and water to the base, and then make the terrarium your own with glitter, coloured stones, and adorable figures. Finally, watch and wait as the tree blossoms over twelve hours. Sure to add a touch of magic to any girl’s life!

11Magic Notebook – Wand Pencil, £7.95£7.95

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The magic of writing

This hardback notebook is a great choice for girls who love witches, wizards and all things magic. The pages are lined and feature magical symbols in the bottom margins. Fill them up with notes, calculations and top-secret potion recipes. The book even comes complete with a wand so girls can cast their magic spells! Next stop: Hogwarts!

12Unicorn Sparkle – Luxury Bath Set, £16.95£16.95

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The relaxing power of unicorns

This collection of five unicorn-themed bath time luxuries comes in a beautifully wrapped box. Relax in the tub with the two delightfully fizzy bath blasters. Pamper yourself with the raspberry bath creamer and rainbow jasmine bath mallow. Soak up the sweet fragrance of the cinnamon and orange solid soap. Best of all, everything in this set is handmade and vegan-friendly! A luxurious spa night awaits!

13Perfume Lab, £13.95£13.95

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Invent a scent

Learn all about perfume blending with this awesome kit. Mix top, middle and base fragrance notes, just like a professional perfumer! Create a unique scent to match your personal style or make custom perfume blends for family and friends. Comes with five scents to test and blend, plastic pipettes, bottles, labels and a colour activity guide. 

14Glitter Light, £14.95£14.95

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Colour-changing mood light

Add a glamorous touch to any girl’s bedroom with this brilliant colour-changing light. Watch as the 25 cm lamp transforms through a rainbow of colours whilst sparkling with the flowing glitter. The lamp is battery-operated, so it can go just about anywhere — a desk, a bedside table, a bookshelf. A totally mesmerising alternative to a lava lamp!

15Cat Toweling Headband, £6.95£6.95

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A paw-some accessory

Looking for cute toys for 9 year old girls? You need this cute kawaii cat-themed headband! The comfortable, elasticated towelling band is designed for kicking back, relaxing and keeping hair out of the way. Very useful for spa nights, facial cleansing or wearing sheet masks. Purr-fect!

16Tie Dye Luxury Kit, £16.95£16.95

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DIY fashion fun

Have you heard? Tie dye is on trend this year! With this cool kit, girls can make all kinds of funky fashion creations. Comes with full instructions, seven real dyes in bright and vibrant colours, rubber bands, lab gloves and applicator bottles. Groovy!

9 year old girls: developmental milestones

At age nine, girls are developing stronger muscle control, which enables them to expand their physical limits and interests. At this age, many girls start to become more independent, particularly when it comes to personal grooming. 

Cognitively, most nine-year-old girls enjoy increased focus and love diving deep into their hobbies and interests. It’s common for girls to shift away from make-believe play and begin gravitating towards activities like sport, crafts and board games. Fortunately, the majority of nine-year-olds can work well in groups at school and play cooperatively at home.

Emotionally and socially, nine-year-old girls are increasingly capable of handling conflict and developing social circles outside of the family unit. Peer pressure is a big issue at this age, as many girls want to fit in with their friends. Around the age of nine, many children’s social skills begin to blossom, and the majority of girls will have a best friend. While 9-year-old girls crave independence and the ability to maintain their own friendships, they still need regular reassurance from their parents and family members.

Toys for girls – 9 years old

Looking for cool toys for 9 year old girls? It’s important to remember that at this age, many girls begin moving away from ‘pretend play’ and towards more tangible, tactile activities. Girls of this age are also able to concentrate and focus for longer periods than they could when they were younger.

With all of that in mind, some of the most popular toys for 9 year old girls include:

  • Craft and DIY kits
  • STEM sets and science experiments
  • Bedroom decor
  • Art supplies
  • Sport equipment
  • Board games
  • Clothes and fashion accessories
  • Spa, bath and personal grooming products
  • Stationery and school supplies
  • Magic trick sets

FAQs about 9 year old girls:

What kind of toys do 9 year olds like?

Whether you’re buying for a birthday or looking for Christmas toys for 9 year old girls, kids this age usually appreciate items that will hold their attention for a while. This makes board games and hands-on kits good choices! Because nine-year-old girls tend to be quite social, you might consider giving them a game they can play with friends or a craft set that enables them to make trinkets for their BFFs.

At this age, many girls also enjoy fashion, decorating their bedrooms, playing sport, listening to music, learning about science and reading books. Toys that support girls’ unique interests will always be appreciated!

What games do 9 year olds like?

Nine-year-olds tend to be very competitive, so games are always a popular toy choice. In particular, interactive games that encourage conversation make a great fit for this chatty age group. To encourage social skills, you might try trivia games, word games, cards, Pictionary or Charades. Meanwhile, classics like chess and checkers enable kids to learn planning and build their critical thinking skills, and board games such as Monopoly can provide children with a fun introduction to managing money. Of course, nine-year-olds also need exercise! Take the fun outdoors with a competitive team sport like football.

What do you get a 9 year old for her birthday?

If you’re accustomed to buying dolls and other make-believe toys, nine-year-old girls can be challenging to shop for. However, there are plenty of toys that a 9 year old would love to receive for her birthday! Craft kits and board games are usually safe bets because girls this age love concentrating on hands-on activities. Educational toys for 9 year old girls are also a big hit, as are fashion accessories and bedroom decor. And remember, when in doubt, ask! Nine-year-olds tend to be opinionated, and they won’t be shy about telling you what they like!

How do you entertain a 9 year old girl?

There are loads of great ways to entertain nine-year-old girls. Most girls this age love staying active. Encourage them to learn a dance from an online tutorial, go outside to play sport, hop on a bike for a ride or even just go for a walk. The majority of nine-year-olds also enjoy a project. This could be baking a cake, learning to cook a new recipe, making a craft project, doing some artwork, building something or even helping you with chores. 

What do 9 year old girls do for birthday parties?

When it comes to planning a nine-year-old’s birthday party, hands-on activities once again reign supreme! Some popular ideas include spa nights, crafts, art activities such as painting, decorating cookies or fairy cakes, and scavenger hunts. 

Looking for more brilliant toys for 9 year old girls? Check out the full range on our website!

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