Best Christmas Present For Grandchildren In 2020


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – especially when you’ve got grandchildren to treat! Seeing their beaming smiles as they open your cool Christmas present is the day’s highlight, and with our approved list, you can guarantee they’ll be smiling all day long! Quirky and exciting, these Christmas presents are the best about.

Top Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Waboba Wingman
  2. Miracle Melting Unicorn
  3. Pac-Man Handheld Game
  4. Glow Art – Neon Effect
  5. Voice Recording Mug
  6. Pindaloo
  7. Quizzie
  8. Stinky Pig
  9. Jellyfish Tank

1Waboba Wingman , £5.95£5.95

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Soar into the festive season

For children who enjoy a good runabout, this nifty frisbee is a great gift. It flies completely straight for up to 40 metres, and its soft material means it can fold right into your pocket. A brilliant outdoor present for any active child, no matter how sporty they are.

2Miracle Melting Unicorn , £5.95£5.95

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A Christmas miracle!

This is a present full of festive wonder and Christmassy magic – give your grandchild the opportunity to mould their very own unicorn out of this fun, glittery putty. Complete with a tail, horn, and colourful mane, this toy will bring out their boundless, innocent imagination! Best of all, it melts into a hilarious little puddle, so they can re-mould the unicorn again, and again, and…

3Pac-Man Handheld Game, £15.00£15.00

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An old classic lives on!

The Wicked Uncle Elves have been hard at work this Christmas bringing iconic arcade games back in fashion! Packed into a portable, pocket-sized gadget, the legendary game hasn’t changed in the slightest – it’s time to educate the youth with the entertainment of the past! You may have to stop your actual child from re-living their childhood with this one, though.

4Glow Art – Neon Effect, £25.95£25.95

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Let creativity shine

Every child has a creative side that’s trying to get out – so, this Christmas, help them express it! This exciting, LED frame lights up in 36 different ways, illuminating whatever crazy doodles are on the transparent screen. From drawing their own Nativity to writing out Christmas carols, this is a great present for the festive period. Just wipe clean with a dry cloth to go again!

5Voice Recording Mug, £12.95£12.95

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A magical mug

You think you’ve seen it all, and then a talking mug comes along! A hilariously quirky gift fit for any grandchild, this interactive mug lets you record unlimited personal messages, which play on every sip. The messages are only 7 seconds long, so they’ll only be able to get through a fraction of a Christmas carol.

6Pindaloo, £9.95£9.95

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Get in the loop

A great, addictive present for a child of any age, Pindaloo will get the whole family moving this Christmas. All they have to do is loop the ball from one side of the Pindaloo to the other, but it’s much harder than it looks! Soon they’ll be showboating!

7Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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Everyone’s in the splash zone!

A present that’s full of trivia, laughter, and a lot of water, Quizzie is here to stir up family Christmas time. If they give an incorrect answer, this cheeky robot squirts water right in their face – the stakes are higher than ever before! It even lets them record up to 5 of their own questions, so friends will be very impressed when it asks about an inside joke (and embarrassed when they get it wrong…)

8Stinky Pig, £10.00£10.00

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Too many brussels sprouts…

A quirky, interactive toy that’ll keep every child on their toes. They roll the dice to see which way Stinky gets passed, but once he randomly ‘toots’, the player in possession picks up a token.
This cheeky piggy even sings at the push of his belly – children will love him, right up until he chooses to fart on them!

9Jellyfish Tank, £18.95£18.95

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Under the sea

With LED lights and lifelike jellyfish that glide around, your grandchild will love showing this off on their bedside table. The perfect way to improve any bedroom decor – and don’t worry, the jellyfish won’t need feeding!

There are countless more cool gifts to give to your grandchildren this Christmas, just check out our website!

What do you call a rich elf? Welfy.



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