The Ultimate Gift List for Kids, Christmas 2021


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Santa Claus is coming to town…which means you’re coming to Wicked Uncle! This Christmas, make sure the perfect presents are sat under the tree to keep everyone’s spirits high. With the help of some trusty, knowledgeable elves, we’ve compiled a list of the best tried and tested Christmas presents for children of all ages!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  1. Horrible Histories Board Game
  2. Smart Ball
  3. Giant Piano Dance Mat
  4. Liar Liar!
  5. Beat That
  6. Unicorn Cake Baking Kit
  7. Quizzie
  8. Glow Art – Pink
  9. Mini Hornit
  10. T-Rex Head Torch

1Horrible Histories the Board Game, £19.95£19.95

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A game of Christmases past

Know a kid who loves the Horrible Histories books? This board game will make a brilliant gift! Put on your thinking caps and test your knowledge of our gruesome past, from the Rotten Romans to the Vile Victorians and beyond. Move around the board by answering a multiple-choice question or performing a silly historical action. With over 600 questions, the fun can go on and on. Suitable for 2 to 4 players–perfect for some after-dinner family fun this holiday season!

2Smart Ball, £20.00£20.00

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Become a trick champion this Christmas

Football fans will have a field day with this awesome ball! Use your feet and knees to keep the ball off the ground and listen as it counts your Keepy Uppy score aloud, up to 100. The ball also lights up with every touch, giving the Christmas tree a little bit of competition. Want to play a normal game of footie? No problem–just remove the sensor and screw the bung into the ball to turn it into a regular football. Now that’s one smart ball!

3Giant Piano Dance Mat, £29.95£29.95

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Jingle bell rock!

Want to make this Christmas a musical one? Try this bright piano dance mat, which is 1.8 metres long and features 24 touch-sensitive keys. Use your feet to stomp out some classic songs with a little help from the colour-coded system. Choose from Chopsticks, Happy Birthday, Old McDonald and more. Or challenge yourself and learn to play all of your favourite Christmas hits. Singing along optional, but highly recommended!

4Liar Liar!, £12.95£12.95

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An endlessly amusing stocking stuffer

Tired of the same old board games? We’ve got just what you need! In this highly entertaining game, each card is printed with three statements — two are true, and one is a lie. Roll the dice to select a ‘fact’ and then read it aloud. Keep a straight face because it’s your job to convince your opponents that you’re telling the truth! Here’s an example: ‘Slugs have five noses’ or ‘Donald Duck was once banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear trousers’ or ‘99% of people can’t lick their own elbow’. Hmm… who’s telling big fat porkies?

5Beat That, £24.95£24.95

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Deck the halls with wacky challenges

Looking for a Christmas gift that will entertain the whole family? This wild game contains over 160 ridiculous challenges involving common household objects. Collect points by betting on your ability to bounce, stack, hop, bounce and roll your way to victory. Can Dad stack four dice using only chopsticks in just 30 seconds? Can Grandma gargle a song for her teammates to guess in a round of Mouthwash Karaoke? There’s only one way to find out!

6Unicorn Cake Baking Kit, £15.95£15.95

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‘Tis the season for baking

Everyone loves a bit of baking during the holidays, so this DIY kit makes a great gift for crafty kids! Follow the simple instructions to create a colourful, multi-layered unicorn cake. The kit comes with nearly everything you need, including a baking tin — all you need to add is milk, eggs and butter. Decorate your unicorn cake with sprinkles, flowers, unicorn accessories and icing — all included! A truly magical treat, and a great sugary alternative to mince pies!

7Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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It’s the most wonderful quiz of the year…

This quirky little robot will have children laughing right into January. It offers three different quiz modes, including an opportunity to enter up to five of your own yes/no questions. However, any wrong answer is met with a squirt of water – how cheeky! Winning the family Christmas quiz has never been so important…

8Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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Making Christmas bright

This is a brilliant, arty gift for any child that picks pencils and paper over screens and remotes. With an LED frame that lights doodles on the transparent screen, children can see their work glow this Christmas! Every drawing can be easily rubbed off with a dry cloth, so it works as a funky bedroom decoration for every season.

9Mini Hornit, £19.95£19.95

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A noisy, flashy winter wonder

Know a kid who’s getting a bike or scooter for Christmas? Trick it out with Mini Hornit! This awesome horn is loaded with 25 wacky sounds, from a motorbike and a UFO to a lion’s roar. For traditionalists, there’s also an old-fashioned bike bell. The horn features white and green lights, with flashing or constant settings. Beep beep — move aside, the coolest bike in town is coming through!

10T-Rex Head Torch, £11.95£11.95

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All I want for Christmas… is a T-Rex!

Make Christmas even brighter this year with this ferocious head torch with a dinosaur twist! The T-Rex shaped torch makes cool roaring sounds and features two light settings. Shine the beam straight ahead for outdoor adventures, or tilt it for a more soothing light, ideal for bedtime reading. Comes with an adjustable head strap, so it can grow with them, meaning there will be many more Christmases of dino adventures to come!

Browse the rest of our wicked range to find more exciting presents for children this Christmas!

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