The Ultimate Christmas Gift List for Kids, 2020


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Santa Claus is coming to town…which means you’re coming to Wicked Uncle! This Christmas, make sure the perfect presents are sat under the tree to keep everyone’s spirits high. With the help of some trusty, knowledgeable elves, we’ve compiled a list of the best tried and tested Christmas presents for children of all ages!

Top 10 Tried & Tested Toys

  • Quizzie
  • Voice Recording Mug
  • Pindaloo
  • Glow Art
  • Waboba Wingman
  • Miracle Melting Unicorn
  • Mega-Tastic Challenges Game
  • Pac-Man Handheld Game
  • Enqenius Contraptions Marble Run
  • Stinky Pig
  • 1Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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    A quiz with a twist

    This quirky little robot will have children laughing right into January. It offers 3 different quiz modes, including an opportunity to enter up to 5 of your own yes/no questions. However, any wrong answer is met with a squirt of water – how cheeky! Winning the family Christmas quiz has never been so important…

    2Voice Recording Mug, £12.95£12.95

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    A new way to hear Christmas carols…

    First the tea bag, then the water, then the milk, and then the pre-recorded message. This hilarious, quirky mug lets children record an unlimited number of short voice clips that’ll play every time they take a sip! With great power comes great responsibility – let’s hope they use it to spread festive cheer!

    3Pindaloo, £9.95£9.95

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    All I want for Christmas…is Pindaloo!

    After the obligatory small talk is out of the way, it can be a struggle to fill the time at a family Christmas do. But if a child unwraps Pindaloo on Christmas morning, this’ll be a problem of the past! The aim is to simply loop the ball from one end of the tube to the other – it’s an addictive game that’ll frustrate the whole family, but it won’t be long until someone’s showboating!

    4Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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    For the budding artists

    This is a brilliant, arty gift for any child that picks pencils and paper over screens and remotes. With an LED frame that lights doodles on the transparent screen, children can see their work glow this Christmas! Every drawing can be easily rubbed off with a dry cloth, so it works as a funky bedroom decoration for every season.

    5Waboba Wingman, £5.95£5.95

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    It squeezes into a stocking as well!

    If your Christmas break is packed with long, family walks, you might be looking for something to keep the children entertained. This soft, fold-up frisbee is the answer: with a travelling distance of up to 40 metres, they’ll never get bored as they scamper along to catch the Waboba Wingman! It even fits in a pocket, so you won’t need to cater for more room in the walking bag.

    6Miracle Melting Unicorn, £5.95£5.95

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    It’s a Christmas miracle!

    This is a gift of the purest, unbridled festive fun: give a child the opportunity to craft their very own unicorn out of glittery putty, ready to be decorated with a tail, horn, and vibrant mane. It soon magically melts into a funny little puddle, so they can spend all day creating dazzling unicorns! The Miracle Melting Unicorn is doing its bit to keep the Christmas magic alive.

    7Mega-Tastic Challenges Game, £14.95£14.95

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    ‘Tis the season for family games

    The children want to play a board game, but Dad couldn’t possibly stand another round of Monopoly. So give them a game to look forward to! From David Walliams’ zany fictional world, this present throws up everything from physical tests to quirky trivia questions! A chaotic set of challenges with endless variety, this is a refreshing change from the old family classics.

    8Pac-Man Handheld Game, £15.00£15.00

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    Goodwill to all Pac-Men

    A great gift for a little gamer, this present breathes life into an old arcade classic! The game is exactly the same: race around the maze, collect all the dots, but avoid the ghosts as you go. Best of all, it’s all packed into a nifty device that they can take on holiday, in the car, and to family get-togethers; the parents will never here a complaint of ‘boredom’ again!

    9Engenius Contraptions Marble Run, £29.95£29.95

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    A winter wonder!

    In that tense lull between the morning madness and the turkey hitting the dinner table, parents need a present to keep the children busy. With a 1-2 hour build time, this flat-pack spiral run will keep the children entertained while the broccoli boils over in the kitchen! And they’ll be so mesmerised by the marbles zig-zagging down in endless motion, they’ll have forgotten about the pigs and blankets all together (but that really is optimistic…)

    10Stinky Pig, £10.00£10.00

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    The stinky season

    After all the pigs in blankets have been devoured, it’s time to bring out a far more misbehaved piggy! This is a hilarious alternative to the pass the parcel classic, where Stinky Pig is passed around the circle until he randomly farts, forcing whoever’s currently holding him to pick up a token. He even sings at the press of his tummy, so he’s not gross all the time! A brilliant gift for the post-dinner lull, this’ll have the children laughing right into Boxing Day.

    Browse the rest of our wicked range to find more exciting presents for children this Christmas!

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