10 Art Sets Your Children Need


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Art kits make great gifts and are a wonderful way to inspire creativity. If you’re in search of some truly brilliant gift ideas for clever and creative kids, you need our ultimate list of drawing, painting and colouring activity sets. From fun stencils and magic pens to rock painting, here are 10 art sets your children will love!

Top 10 Art Sets for Kids:

  1. Amazing Magic Pens
  2. Neon Effect Message Frame
  3. Stencil Art – Activity Set with Ink Dabbers
  4. Drawing School – Step By Step
  5. Big Box of Animal Stencils
  6. Origami Art & Creations
  7. Rock Painting – Hide & Seek
  8. World Map Pillowcase
  9. Dinosaur Pillowcase
  10. How To Draw Animals – Made Easy!

1Amazing Magic Pens, £15.00£15.00

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Magic, marvellous marker pens!

This set of amazing pens from Marvin’s Magic makes a great gift for creative kids of all ages. Create stunning patterns with pens that can change colour, erase colours, and even write invisible messages. The pens are durable and have shock-proof tips, meaning they’ll stand the test of time. And good news for parents: these pens are washable! 

2Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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Sure to light up their faces…

A mini art gallery in a neon effect frame? Yes, please! With this innovative toy, you can use the bright, vibrant neon pens to scrawl notes, doodle, or draw. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, just hang the frame on the wall or stand it on a flat surface. Display your masterpiece by turning the frame on and watching it illuminate with a neon glow effect. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to start the arty fun all over again. Brilliant!

3Stencil Art – Activity Set with Ink Dabbers, £14.95£14.95

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A world of creative fun!

This brilliant kit contains four sets of stencils, with safari animal, space, wildlife and under-the-sea themes. And the 32-page book is brimming with exciting tutorials that will help you make the most of those stencils and the included ink dabbers. Everything you need to release your inner creativity and make some truly fantastic works of art! Awesome!

4Drawing School – Step By Step, £12.95£12.95

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Art school in a box

Budding artists will have hours of fun with this highly original kit. First, assemble the step-by-step puzzle piece guides, which show you how to draw ten animals in four easy steps. Then, start copying by drawing on the wipe-clean board, which comes with a draw-and-erase felt-tip pen and a stencil to aid drawing. Drawing animals has never been easier!

5Big Box of Animal Stencils, £12.95£12.95

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Super stencils

Using stencils is a fabulous way to build fine motor skills and make amazing works of art! This cool kit comes with over 150 fun designs and shapes, including safari animals, sealife and farm animals. It also comes with six colouring pencils and a pencil sharpener. A fun and easy way to encourage that artistic flair!

6Origami Art & Creations, £12.95£12.95

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Watch their creative genius unfold…

Children love the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, and now they can make their own stunning origami models with this easy-to-use kit! Just follow the illustrated instructions to create ten different models with 21 sheets of gorgeous, colourful paper. Make a jumping frog, an Emperor penguin, a peacock and so much more. Addictive folding fun!

7Rock Painting – Hide & Seek, £12.99£12.99

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Indoor crafts and outdoor fun

All the cool kids know that rock painting is the latest craze! This kit provides everything you need to join the global game of hide and seek: six smooth river stones, six acrylic paints and two fine paintbrushes. It also comes with a 48-page booklet, brimming with tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions for several rock art creations, from a spider to a ladybug. Get ready for some rock-hunting fun!

8World Map Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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Creativity meets geography

Travel the world from the comfort of your bedroom? Yes, please! This clever pack comes with a single cotton pillowcase and ten bright wash-out pens so you can colour, wash and colour again. The soft pillowcase features a brilliant world map design, brimming with wild animals, exotic sea creatures and fun facts. Gives geography homework a creative, artistic twist!

9Dinosaur Pillowcase, £15.95£15.95

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Mighty dinos, mighty fun

Know a creative kid who loves dinosaurs? This roar-some pillowcase makes a perfect gift! It comes with ten markers, so kids can colour in a cool, dino-themed scene. The scene should also inspire some storytelling skills, as kids can make up their own adventure story, perfect for bedtime. Don’t want the fun to end? No problem—just wash the pillowcase to erase the colours, and start all over again. Prehistoric perfection!

10How To Draw Animals – Made Easy!, £16.95£16.95

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Draw your own zoo

With this brilliant creative pack, kids can learn to draw 28 different animals, including a whale, a monkey and even a meerkat. The set comes with a sketch pad, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and nine colouring pencils, so children will have everything they need to practice and fine-tune their skills. Best of all, this pack is portable and compact, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go fun. 

For more cool toys and games to inspire creativity, check out our website!

What did the artist draw before she went to bed? The curtains!



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