Great Gifts for Girls Age 8

We have put together a great selection of toys and games as birthday gifts for eight year old girls. We have got books, science, fashion and fun. Plus magic spells to turn a small brother into a frog which is a really popular idea with girls of any age. All of our brilliant presents are in stock and we have 10 sorts of fabulous giftwrap, we can add an individually handwritten card and you can get it delivered tomorrow.

Our Presents for Girls Age 8

A popular science kit to make your own fruity lip balms.

Add your own artistic touch to the string of lights with 10 bulbs.

Amazingly lifelike jellyfish move around as the light changes colour.

Smart and useful beauty bag with fun ballet theme.

Six lovely Riding themed keepsake boxes that can stack together.

Doodle, wash it out, doodle again...comes with 10 coloured pens.

Make your own silk daisy chains with this lovely present.

Awesome rapid fire - shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet.

Create fun outfits for stand-up models with 350 stickers & felt pens.

Fun umbrella that changes colour in the rain - magic!

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Roll the picture cubes & make up a story - imaginative fun!

Make delicious fresh cheeses in your, simple & fun!

Fun activity with yummy chocolate - melt it, mould it, munch it!

Lovely riding themed beauty bag from the popular Tyrell Katz range.

Stay on trend with this funky set to make 15 bracelets.

Fifty favourite recipes including Wormy Spaghetti - gloriumptious!

Make an adorable little patchwork owl.

Press and dry flowers in seconds using a microwave!

Create your very own special perfume and crystal pot-pourri.

Deep Sea Habitat with prehistoric sea creatures to hatch & grow.

Measure yourself against iconic people, creatures & bizarre objects.

Lovely set to make beautiful jewellery for you and your friends

Lights beat with the music - don't just hear the beat, see it too!

Silver handmade ball that gently chimes when shaken.

Make your fingers look fabulous with this trendy Wire Craft Rings kit.

The hanging, balancing game needing steady hands - great fun!

An enchanting selection of easy to perform magic tricks for girls.

A captivating world of sparkle and spells in this lovely hardback.

A mini ball that bounces on water - great fun!

Array of lights & 25 fun sound effects - from a police car to a lion!

For every pony-lover champing at the bit to know more about horses.

Soft white jersey cotton pyjamas with special fabric paints.

Art set contains colour pens, colour pencils, paints and lots more.

Vibrant hardback journal to record your hopes and dreams.

A bewitching selection of easy to perform magic tricks for girls.

Lovely horse & pony themed satchel style bag in 100% cotton.

Card making kit to make twelve beautiful cards.

High gloss white ukulele perfect for little fingers.

Create 50 mind-boggling illusions & teasing puzzles - fun!

Everything you need to make two adorable cotton frogs.

Smooth milk chocolate mini piglets - yummy!

Experience the eye-boggling brain-twisting extremes - Awesome!

Bright & vibrant spiral journal for notes, jottings and doodles.

Make & decorate a 2 metre length of double sided bunting.

Get creative with this delightful 20 piece stationery set.

Brilliant handmade wearable tail - only worn by the coolest cats!

A bouquet of real flowers set into a Sterling Silver Charm.

Quality tangle-free earphones that are cool & trendy.

Two fish swim continuously around the mini fish bowl.

Fully illustrated & folds out to display in 2.3 metre timeline.

Fun hardback journal complete with a wand pencil - spooky!

Set of 4 challenging wooden iQ puzzles for the ultimate test!

Colourful double-sided round puzzle in a beautifully decorated box.

Record voices, music or any sound & use as a buzzer - fun!

Fun horse & pony hardback notebook with magnetic fastening.

Lovely set to make beautiful jewellery for you and your friends.

Sterling Silver Ladybird Charm for good luck wherever you go.

Build your own 31 piece mini model of the human body.

Fiendishly clever practical jokes - does what it says on the tin!

The best creativity book for young artists.

Make your own fabulous animal charms.

Knit your very own fashionable rainbow scarf.

Learn all about the seashore creatures with this informative kit.

Fabulous fast paced, fun family memory game.

A stunning pendant made with real flowers on a silver chain.

Scratch off the gold foil layer to reveal where you've been.

Preserve your keepsakes, souvenirs and mementos.

Doodle, wash it out, doodle again...comes with 10 coloured pens.

Everything you need to bake a luxury chocolate cake.

Bring this amazing natural light show into your own home.

For night-time exploring and adventures - see in the dark.

Luxury Binder with fun design and high quality pages.

Gorgeous, bright colourful design - natural detangling!

Classic game - remove a block & replace it without the stack crashing!

Learn fun illusions and tricks that appear to defy the laws of physics

Fearsome facts & gory tales of the wicked, the weird & the woeful.

Use magic tricks to make lights appear, disappear and jump about.

Horrible Histories memory game - fabulous foul fun!

Cooler, edgier tricks than ever before for aspiring street magicians.

Build you very own intruder alarm and fit it in your bedroom.

Jot down a recipe, wash it out, doodle again...with 10 coloured pens.

Gorgeous, bright colourful design - natural detangling!

Three piece jewellery set that you make yourself - very individual.

Create your own beautiful bracelets with real gemstones

Fun memory game with the Oompa-Loompas & other great characters.

Exquisite Sterling Silver necklace with seven miniature rings.

A great way to find buried treasure!

Make your hands look stylish with this fashion ring kit.

Pretty drawstring bag with daisy & cow ribbon straps.

Fully illustrated & folds out to display in 2.3 metre timeline.

Awesome glow in the dark putty complete with UV pen to write messages.

Large solid wood magic set full of professional tricks.

Learn a new skill with this great starter knitting set.

Challenging puzzles inspired by great scientific minds from history.

Three high-quality, hand-sewn colourful balls with instructions.

Brilliant inflatable snow sled to race down snowy slopes.

Excellent kit for collecting and observing the insect world.

The easiest of kites to fly - instant airborne fun!

A magical journey - as real as if you were there.

Flip it over from On to Off - how simple is that? Genius!

Build a volcano, watch it erupt & collect real volcanic specimens.

Cheeky, soft corduroy fox with felt suitcase - fox in the box!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road with this hardback classic.

Trumps with a difference - a perfect blend of science and yuck-factor.

Just plant the pre-sown seed mat & vegetables grow - easy!

Projector with 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space Telescope photographs.

Fun way to learn about the human body & pick up language skills too!

Fun coloured building blocks that use LED technology to illuminate.

A magical journey with creatures of the deep - in living motion!

The whole Roald Dahl story on a single print - brilliant!

You don't have to be an astronaut to explore the Universe!

Learn science and perform a variety of tricks using everyday objects.

Lightweight aluminium telescope with tripod - 80x magnification.

Fun, eye-catching original design in the shape of a football.

Ingenious spying projects - comes with all electronic components.

A fun word game in a banana shaped bag.

Build your own 68 piece card model of the world's biggest rocket.

Learn how Detectives identify suspects and record important clues.

Travel through the looking glass with this hardback classic.

Perfect for budding police detectives and CSI fans.

Vibrant and trendy set of 18 quality colouring pencils.

Brilliant battle action with multiple visual & sound effects - superb!

A whole book on a single print to be put on the wall - brilliant!

Space design glass clock for star-gazers drifting off to sleep.

A 3D Virtual Pop-Up Book with live magic and an augmented reality CD.

Build a working wind turbine and learn how to generate electricity.

Super cool Mini Cooper with lights to control - very authentic!

Wonderfully gory, fun family memory game.

Super speedy high energy bug that darts about changing direction.

Make a delightful felt brooch & keyring with this fun kit.

A key ring with a twist - a real beetle set in resin.

Lift the flaps, solve the case, be like Sherlock Holmes!

The ultimate trophy fish is back - he’s got a brand new song too!

The entire book on a single poster on your wall - brilliant!

Design, build, program and control this awesome 150 piece robotic ant.

Seriously baffling magic to amaze and impress.

Build dozens of models powered with the sun’s energy.

Over 20 great space experiments, including launching a rocket.

It's history - with the nasty bits left in!

Totally awesome suspended rollercoaster marble track.

Explore the invisible scientific force of Magnetism

Excellent kit for collecting and observing bug specimens.

The whole story of Cinderella on a poster you can put on the wall.

Build your own 3D pirate ship from push-fit pieces - no glue, no mess.

Top secret - this kit contains a mystery and all you need to solve it!

A whole book on a single print to put on the wall - brilliant!

Grow a pet from the age of the dinosaurs!

Build a rescue fire truck, helicopter or airboat with real metal.

Perfect starter set for budding police detectives and CSI fans.

Interactive book full of Dinosaurs,

A fascinating insight into a truly amazing world.

Make a stunning full colour model dragon with slot together card.

Prospect for gold with this fun and entertaining kit.

Brilliant handmade tail to proudly wear as you swish and wiggle!

Reveal fascinating facts and figures - keep turning to keep learning!

Reveal fascinating facts and figures - keep turning to keep learning!

Reveal fascinating facts and figures - keep turning to keep learning!

Easy hand-sewing with simple shapes to make this cute kit.

Replica model of the iconic London landmark with 742 pieces.

Your very own dragon that breathes 'blue fire' and fires projectiles!

High-tech shades that record videos & photos - very cool!

Mini ball with a crazy unpredictable spin - bounces out of this world!

The ultimate desktop defence.

Sweet & salty caramel milk chocolate with knobbles of popcorn.

Deep milk chocolate filled with popping candy pieces.

Creamy white chocolate with real strawberry pieces - yummy!

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