Boys' Gifts: Age 6

Welcome to Wicked Uncle's excellent selection of gifts for boys aged 6. Christmas presents for six-year-old boys should ideally involve lots of running around, but we have also selected some fun books and some educational activities as well as great toys. Great for birthday presents, Xmas gifts or just because you are feeling kind. And we can add giftwrapping and a card.

Our Presents for Boys Age 6

Awesome rapid fire - shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet.

Fun coloured building blocks that use LED technology to illuminate.

Create 50 mind-boggling illusions & teasing puzzles - fun!

Pair of lightweight FM walkie-talkies with an outdoor range of 500m.

Cool stunts, soaring jumps and incredible wheelies - awesome!

The hanging, balancing game needing steady hands - great fun!

Wooden medieval sword and shield - engraved with three lions.

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Discover the world's hidden wonders with this brilliant pop-up book.

The easiest of kites to fly - instant airborne fun!

Dynamic football action with a disc that hovers on a cushion of air

Measure yourself against iconic people, creatures & bizarre objects.

Roll the picture cubes & make up a story - imaginative fun!

Fun torch that projects dinosaurs images onto walls and ceilings.

Fantastic touch-and-feel fun with a yucky, smelly ending!

Projects great images of space around your room.

Experience the eye-boggling brain-twisting extremes - Awesome!

Gloss funky design metal robot clock with poseable arms and legs.

Penguin power as he shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet - fun!

Brilliant nightlight that projects the Northern Lights - Alien fun!

Set up the launcher, load a rocket and then jump onto the launch pad.

Fun umbrella that changes colour in the rain - magic!

Creepy hand that starts crawling when you make a loud noise - scary!

Create and mould a putty monster, then watch it slowly melt!

Fun watch with funky snap wrist strap to size to the wearer.

A fascinating insight into a truly amazing world.

Assemble, paint and fly - great fun for young pilots.

Deep Sea Habitat with prehistoric sea creatures to hatch & grow.

Boing...Boing...Boing...Crazy bouncing fun!

A key ring with a twist - a real black scorpion set in resin.

Lots of easy-to-perform magic tricks for the younger performer.

Really smart set of 12 hand painted figures.

The biggest and best creativity book for swashbuckling pirates.

Everything you need to grow your own indoor monster plants garden.

Makes your bike look and sound like a motorbike - very cool.

Set of 6 lightweight gliders - all famous WW II fighter planes.

Solve the clues, follow the trail...find the hidden treasure!

Record voices, music, sounds and use as a buzzer.

Brilliant fun activity book for space fans - stellar!

Make delicious fresh a fun flowerpot!

Build a scary robotic dinosaur that reacts to sound.

Really popular fun game stacking little wooden hedgehogs.

Learn all about the seashore creatures with this informative kit.

Projector with 24 colour NASA and Hubble Space Telescope photographs.

The classic sports car and the coolest wheels in town.

A cool kite that can be popped in a pocket and taken to the park.

Bring the dinoworld back to life with this great stencil set.

Art set contains colour pens, colour pencils, paints and lots more.

Create endless colour pictures with no paints, no crayons and no mess.

Cars react to codes placed on the track with lights, sounds & movement

Lightweight, fun crossbow for potential William Tells.

Special, secret agent style air powered doggy popper.

Smart painted wooden set with magnetic walls making it easy to build.

Doodle, wash it out, doodle again...comes with 10 coloured pens.

Solid wood set with a great series of tricks for junior magicians

Design, decorate and then fly your own unique, customised kite.

Powerful 4x magnification Bug shaped magnifying glass.

Fun watch with funky snap wrist strap to size to the wearer.

Exciting wooden Airplane with spinning propeller & moving wheels

Fires potato pieces & can also be used as a water pistol.

Observe your bugs in a tiny, secret world. Fascinating!

Brilliant pirate chest with secret compartment to decorate.

Keep secrets safe in this cool locker with a padlock.

For entry level engineers, here is a practical science kit.

Blow up your own 3 ft high dinosaur - Raptor fun!

Soft white jersey cotton pyjamas with special fabric paints.

Bright and colourful marble run for hours of fascinating fun.

Mix and match these detailed wooden stamps to create different scenes.

For future doctors out there, a fantastic human body kit.

This adorable tiger cub toy is almost better than the real thing.

Fly him as a kite, then he parachutes down. Great fun!

A reusable butterfly habitat to watch tiny caterpillars grow up.

Discover, predict, experiment - for all young budding scientists!

Powerful 4x magnification Bug shaped magnifying glass.

Grafity defying robotic creature to send round the twist!

Full of useful information, inventions and fun activities.

He is BIG - just add air for Prehistoric fun!

Super cool Mini Cooper with lights to control - very authentic!

Excellent kit for collecting and observing the insect world.

High quality pencils that give rich, long lasting colours.

Excellent kit for collecting and observing bug specimens.

Superb quality wooden set for playing the beautiful game.

Twelve fantasy figures including a skeleton and a three-headed dog.

Superb die cast metal cowboy gun.

Create great dinosaur figures with this amazing mosaic art kit.

Fantastic zoo sticker book with pre-printed pages for enclosures.

An incredibly cool, detailed model of the moon to hang in your room

Uncover a castle's secrets with over 150 flaps to lift & explore.

A hands-on introduction for the start up scientist.

Beautifully designed glass clock to brighten up any child's bedroom.

Find out all about ladybirds and keep them as pets.

Bright & colourful way to keep your favourite books tidy.

Fantastic fully painted wooden hospital play set.

24 colourful wax crayons and big boards to draw masterpieces.

With gold coins and secret compartment to store the loot.

Fantastic, waterproof, froggie design backpack

Conduct experiments in special greenhouse domes.

A whole book on a single print to put on the wall - brilliant!

Supersoft cute bear that's wearing a Lion onesie!

The best creativity book for young artists.

Cuddly soft puppet with removable hot & cold packs - snuggle up.

Cuddly soft puppet with removable heat packs - snuggle up.

Brilliant inflatable snow sled to race down snowy slopes.

Everything you need for fun party games for up to 6 little pirates!

Funky high quality wellies in a lovely presentation box.

A whole book on a single print to be put on the wall - brilliant!

A fascinating insight into a truly amazing world.

A whole book on a single print to be put on the wall - brilliant!

A classic game that everyone should play.

Specially designed pens that allow for rich, long lasting colour.

Seriously cool cowboy pistol as used by the Lone Ranger (probably).

Deep milk chocolate filled with popping candy pieces.

Creamy white chocolate with real strawberry pieces - yummy!

Bring the spectacle of shooting stars to bedtime!

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