Great Gifts for Boys Age 11

Wicked Uncle presents our selection of birthday gifts for boys age 11. Our presents are carefully chosen and guaranteed to entertain the 11-year-old boy in your life. We have got everything from remote controlled tanks (tested up to age 30), to kites, a poker kit, science, magic and even cool music stuff. Any eleven year old boy will be seriously impressed.

Our Presents for Boys Age 11

Brilliant battle action with multiple visual & sound effects - superb!

Build it yourself kit with two different skill levels.

Everything you need to be a semi-professional prankster.

Build you very own intruder alarm and fit it in your bedroom.

High-tech infrared battling robot spiders with remote controls.

Fully illustrated & folds out to display in 2.3 metre timeline.

Build your own motorcycle - powered by salt water drops!

Fiendishly clever practical jokes - does what it says on the tin!

The hanging, balancing game needing steady hands - great fun!

A 16" Dartboard and 6 magnetic darts.

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A great beginner's building kit to learn about solar power technology.

Amazingly lifelike jellyfish move around as the light changes colour.

Roll the picture cubes & make up a story - imaginative fun!

Experience the eye-boggling brain-twisting extremes - Awesome!

Set of 4 challenging wooden iQ puzzles for the ultimate test!

Challenging puzzles inspired by great scientific minds from history.

A desktop inferno of light and colour - mesmerising!

Fully controllable sparless kite with dual flying lines - smart.

A map of the major constellations that come to life in the dark!

Turn a metal can into this walking, bug-eyed robot.

Super speedy high energy bug that darts about changing direction.

Scratch off the gold foil layer to reveal where you've been.

Flip it over from On to Off - how simple is that? Genius!

Build your own 31 piece mini model of the human body.

Lights beat with the music - don't just hear the beat, see it too!

Innovative solar powered space kit with snap together parts.

Ingenious spying projects - comes with all electronic components.

Everything you need to play poker - a proper Wicked Uncle present!

Great kite for exhilarating kite flying.

Learn how to do incredible card tricks.

Learn how Detectives identify suspects and record important clues.

From specialist Tasco, this is a top quality set of binoculars.

Make a stunning full colour model dragon with slot together card.

Make delicious fresh cheeses in your, simple & fun!

Build a robot arm and start controlling it.

Brilliant spy manual. Learn how to be a secret agent.

Biological inheritance and genetic engineering kit.

A frisbee with a cool twist - can be used at nightime.

Mischievous, fun and spooky journal - with real bite!

Build your skate park and then ride it with your RC board.

Frighteningly fabulous light up mouse that changes colour.

Awesome glow in the dark putty complete with UV pen to write messages.

The full text of the first Harry Potter book on a poster - magic!

The ultimate trophy fish is back - he’s got a brand new song too!

Quality tangle-free earphones that are cool & trendy.

Fully illustrated & folds out to display in 2.3 metre timeline.

Traditional Chinese game of strategy, chance and skill.

Brilliant, very easy to do and will definitely amaze your friends.

Fascinating book looking at future technological developments.

War action comic book adventures - a classic series.

Fun extra creamy milk chocolate egg - handmade in Somerset.

Perfect for budding police detectives and CSI fans.

Operated by sensor technology and voice command, seriously impressive!

Amazingly lifelike jellyfish glide around the large tank - impressive.

Fun gyroscope experiments including a tightrope-walking robot!

Everything you need to bake a luxury chocolate cake.

Compact and portable multi-function piano - play anywhere, anytime.

Lightweight aluminium telescope with tripod - 80x magnification.

Build electric machines and vehicles, then control them remotely.

Design, build, program and control this awesome 150 piece robotic ant.

Mix & crossfade all your favourite tunes - disco in your pocket.

Perform 125 experiments with this complete 30 piece kit.

A mini ball that bounces on water - great fun!

Mini ball with a crazy unpredictable spin - bounces out of this world!

Load the cute kitty into the Cat-A-Pult, take aim, fire. Cat flies.

Deep milk chocolate filled with popping candy pieces.

Creamy white chocolate with real strawberry pieces - yummy!

Sweet & salty caramel milk chocolate with knobbles of popcorn.

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