Boys Age 4: Presents

Wicked Uncle is the cool place for birthday toys and gifts for 4 year old boys. We have got a great selection of presents for four year olds that will keep them too busy playing to put frogs in your briefcase. Pirates, dinosaurs and secret agents are very popular with small boy age 4 and up. We can also gift wrap and we have some very nice birthday cards which we can handwrite and send for you.

Our Presents for Boys Age 4

Firemen are cool and this water sprayer is brilliant.

Bowl the stuffed ball at six fuzzy monsters - great fun!

Pair of lightweight FM walkie-talkies with an outdoor range of 500m.

Creates streams of magical, poppable bubbles to chase & catch.

Fun watch with funky snap wrist strap to size to the wearer.

Superb nightlight that transforms any room into a starry night sky.

Solve the clues, follow the trail...find the hidden treasure!

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Make up different instrument designs that produce real musical sounds.

Assemble, paint and fly - great fun for young pilots.

Fun torch that projects dinosaurs images onto walls and ceilings.

Projects great images of space around your room.

Fantastic touch-and-feel fun with a yucky, smelly ending!

Projects images of animal wildlife around your room.

Fun umbrella that changes colour in the rain - magic!

Classic portable Pinball Game with a fun Space theme.

Penguin power as he shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet - fun!

Create and mould a putty monster, then watch it slowly melt!

Gloss funky design metal robot clock with poseable arms and legs.

Everything you need to grow your own indoor monster plants garden.

Bright and colourful 48 piece jigsaw in lovely storage tub.

Fun colourful robots that stack & balance in many positions.

The biggest and best creativity book for swashbuckling pirates.

Hand painted, quality wooden jigsaw to help learn letters.

Great outfit with all the essential equipment to put out any fire.

Hold on to his ears and bounce, bounce, bounce - great fun!

Amazing box of 170+ stenciling shapes for boys!

A classic game that everyone should play.

Soft, golden, and eternally loyal, a gorgeous toy.

Really smart set of 12 hand painted figures.

A great incentive to get children outdoors and learning about nature.

Smart hand painted wooden jigsaw with numbers.

A penknife with lots of blades and gadgets, just for little boys.

Set of 6 cardboard reproduction WW II fighter planes.

Discover the world's hidden wonders with this brilliant pop-up book.

Mechanical bird flies up to 25 metres by flapping its wings.

Match the colourful wooden cars to their garages, then stack them up.

Smart painted wooden set with magnetic walls making it easy to build.

Pat his head & he laughs as he spins about - barking mad!

Record voices, music, sounds and use as a buzzer.

Cars react to codes placed on the track with lights, sounds & movement

Special, secret agent style air powered doggy popper.

Brilliant fun activity book for space fans - stellar!

Observe your bugs in a tiny, secret world. Fascinating!

Bright and colourful marble run for hours of fascinating fun.

High gloss white ukulele perfect for little fingers.

Blank A4-sized jigsaw boards with 24 wax crayons.

Billy is an 8" high wooden character with 26 separate magnetic pieces.

Create new worlds for your dinosaurs and aliens.

Create endless colour pictures with no paints, no crayons and no mess.

Marvellously creative little kit to make a fingerprinted masterpiece.

Friction driven set of wooden race cars in blue, yellow and red.

Powerful 4x magnification Bug shaped magnifying glass.

Mix and match these detailed wooden stamps to create different scenes.

A real classic drawing board that you can wipe clean.

An enchanting story illustrated by Axel Scheffler (Gruffalo).

Fun watch with funky snap wrist strap to size to the wearer.

Brilliant pirate chest with secret compartment to decorate.

Cute monkey watch with funky snap wriststrap to size to the wearer.

A reusable butterfly habitat to watch tiny caterpillars grow up.

Magical light-up fireflies twinkle in his tummy with soothing sounds.

With night-time nature sounds, bring the outdoors inside!

Bright and colourful marble run for hours of fascinating fun.

Bowl the balls at six wooden animals - great fun!

Powerful 4x magnification Bug shaped magnifying glass.

Build and paint this simple wooden model for great racing adventures.

Fun transparent dome umbrella with soldier design.

Create your own slimy volcano eruption - with mini dinosaur.

A creative case for travelling doodlers with pen or chalk.

Must-have selection of timeless classics gloriously illustrated.

Comes with a folding ramp and four brightly coloured wooden cars.

Fun spaceman suit ready for any inter-galactic mission.

Classic Brio toy made of solid wood and beautifully presented

Grafity defying robotic creature to send round the twist!

Smart Knight's felt tunic complete with sword and shield.

Discover, predict, experiment - for all young budding scientists!

Become a Pirate and have adventures on the high seas.

A fantastic puppet kit to design and make your own monster.

Traditional wooden yacht with steel keel and genuine sailcloth.

Slimy, slippery, stretchy mix in a dino tooth - yucky fun!

Hand-painted & beautifully made, chunky wooden number jigsaw.

Everything you need to become a swashbuckling Pirate.

Four vehicle mosaics to complete - with big pieces for little fingers.

Set of 14 hand painted figures for farm play fun.

Defend your pennies with your very own knight in shining armour.

Noisy set of musical instruments - unleash that creative talent!

High quality pencils that give rich, long lasting colours.

All the gear a potential spy needs - top secret!

Fun interactive book from the creators of The Gruffalo.

Essential cool cowboy gun set of two pistols and twin holsters.

Smart wooden 4-level parking garage with roof top landing pad.

Classic role playing kit in a small red plastic case

Beautifully designed glass clock to brighten up any child's bedroom.

Specially designed pens that allow for rich, long lasting colour.

Superb quality wooden set for playing the beautiful game.

Handpainted jigsaw made with chunky figures you can also play with.

Smart painted wooden set with magnetic walls making it easy to build.

An enchanting rainbow projector!

Exciting playtime with a wooden train that moves under its own steam.

Play pirate jigs with this Jolly Roger recorder

Fantastic 149 piece roleplay set - even more fun than school!

Ten piece wooden hand-painted jigsaw with numbers.

Fantastic, waterproof, froggie design backpack

Twelve fantasy figures including a skeleton and a three-headed dog.

Fantastic fully painted wooden play set.

Cuddly soft puppet with removable hot & cold packs - snuggle up.

This adorable tiger cub toy is almost better than the real thing.

Superb quality wooden castle with fighting towers and a drawbridge.

Inspire your little chef with these brilliant wooden utensils.

Lovely wooden horse jigsaw, hand-painted and durable.

Building with candy themed pieces - a sweet way to play!

A really bright and colourful wooden handcrafted play set.

Colourful stationery set with fun animal accessories.

Beautifully designed glass clock to brighten up any child's bedroom.

Cuddly soft puppet with removable hot & cold packs - snuggle up.

Make your own delicious cupcakes with a pirate theme.

Make delicious fresh a fun flowerpot!

Supersoft cute bear that's wearing a Lion onesie!

Supersoft cute bear that's wearing a Leopard onesie!

Bring the spectacle of shooting stars to bedtime!

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