Little Rabbit Comforter from Doudou et Cie

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From his gorgeous eyes to his little paws, this enchanting rabbit with comforter will delight little ones.

The unique gift box opens in a quirky fashion, with the sides folding down like petals to reveal the cute rabbit inside holding his little blanket. This adorable and cuddly little rabbit with his very sweet face will soothe and comfort. He is perfect for extra cosy cuddles. Made in France by Doudou et Cie, a really lovely gift for little babies.

Little Rabbit Comforter from Doudou et Cie
Little Rabbit Doudou et Cie
Little Rabbit Comforter Doudou et Cie
Little Rabbit Comforter Packaging

Why They'll love it

  • Small but beautiful - perfect for little hands
  • White fluffy bunny
  • Machine washable

Technical Stuff

  • Suitable from birth
  • Box Size: 10cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • 90g

About Baby Girls

The perfect present for baby girls is something beautiful and elegant. A really nicely presented rag doll or cuddly rabbit makes a really good Christening gift or first birthday present. And if this becomes her no. 1 snuggly toy she will remember you for ever.

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