Frequently Asked Questions

What should you buy a 9 year old boy?

9 year old boys have a growing curiosity for building and how things work. Great gift options to captivate their imagination and skills for this age group include Perpetual Marble Run and the Fun Tape Measure - filled with silly facts!

What should you buy a 9 year old for their birthday?

With their growing cognitive skills and developing logic, 9 year old boys love to play challenging games. A great birthday present for this age group is the BrainBolt - Fast Light-up Memory Game or IQ Puzzle Pro. Make your 9 year old stand out with the flashing LED Baseball Cap - a unique light up cap that is perfect for parties.

What are 9 year old boys into?

Boys are independent thinkers at this age and enjoy toys and games that are more complex in nature. With an ability to focus for longer periods, they are often captivated by toys they can build from scratch.

How do you keep a 9 year old boy busy?

9 year old boys are little designers and will love toys that they can construct and develop. Check out the 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit or the Perpetual Marble Run to occupy your budding scientist.