Frequently Asked Questions

What's best to buy for a 7 year old boy's birthday?

7 year old boys are natural explorers and have thirst for knowledge and information and enjoy problem solving challenges. The most popular gift options for this age group are the Brainbolt - Fast Light Up Memory Game and Factopia which features 400 crazily connected facts!

How do you entertain a 7 year old boy?

With a growing independence and curiosity, 7 year old boys love to have fun! Why not get some Spy X - Night Mission Goggles, close the curtains and go on an adventure! Or learn the art of keepy uppys with the popular Smart Ball!

What do 7 year old boys like?

7 year old boys enjoy a variety of activities from physical to fine motor activities. Boys enjoy competitive play, check out the Ollyball or the Zzzopa ball for some great indoor and outdoor play or the Magic Pens for some creative outlet.

What gift is best for a seven year old boy?

7 year old boys have inquisitive minds and love to learn about the world around them. Best gift options for this age group that harness this thirst for knowledge are The Human Body - Under X-Ray, Solar System Puzzle or for a fun challenge the IQ Puzzler Pro.