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My First Birdhouse - Discover Nature

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Get back to nature encouraging birds to your garden with this pretty birdhouse.

With a lovely nesting bird design and a resting perch, the 3cm diameter entrance is specially designed to host the smaller species of bird, like the ever popular Blue Tit. This smart wooden birdhouse can be simply attached with either string or screws and is easy to clean at the end of the season, by simply opening the clever trap door on the side. Encourage a love of nature, for a real Tweet!

My First Birdhouse
Janod My First Birdhouse Box
Janod My First Birdhouse

Why They'll love it

  • Pretty wooden birdhouse
  • Ideal for smaller birds

Technical Stuff

  • Box Size: 25cm x 20cm x 12cm
  • Weight: 560g

About Four Year Old Boys

Toys for four year old boys are all about fun. They appreciate cool stuff to make and create and it keeps them out of mischief. Scary dinosaurs, robots and outer space are very popular with this age group, along with toolkits and balls to kick into next door’s garden.

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