Air & Water Power - Pump up the Pressure!

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Build your own pneumatic-hydraulic engines to power different machines and vehicles.

Build 15 different models with engines powered by hydraulic pressure - from a rocket car, motorbike or truck to a lift, grinder or excavator. This fun 165 piece kit has all the parts needed to build two different air and water powered systems. Complete with detailed and illustrated guidebook, use physics and understand science by getting your water-jet propelled car to go further and faster. Fascianting and creative educational set - pump up the pressure!

Air & Water Power - Build a Hydraulic Engine
Air & Water Power Example
Build a Hydraulic Engine

Why They'll love it

  • 48 page manual
  • 165 pieces
  • 15 model variations

Technical Stuff

  • Age: 8+
  • Box size: 37cm x 29cm x 8cm
  • Weight: 1160g

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