Must-Have Toys for Wicked Fun!


It is great when a toy teaches a child something. You feel really smug when you hand over a gift that is educational and worthy, safe in the knowledge that you are now an amazing human being in the eyes of that child’s parents.

That is all very well, and we do love educational toys, but it’s just brilliant to sometimes give a gift which is all about fun. Here are some of our favourite fun presents that children really love.

Chatback Chimp (17.95) is very simple. He repeats what you say in a hilarious high-pitched voice. A cheeky chap and must have cuddly friend.

Everyone needs a Frisbee shaped like a Pizza – really fast food! (9.99)

Crazy Thinking Putty (14.95) glows in the dark – write secret messages with a UV pen!

For night time adventures, use these light up goggles (19.95) to find your way in the dark. Perfect for fun spying escapades or sneaking down to the fridge at night.

A backwards clock (£9.95)  that’s guaranteed to confuse, mystify and entertain all at the same time!

At Wicked Uncle, our mission is fun. We work very hard to put smiles on faces. That’s why people think our toys and gifts are so unusual, and our service is so unique and cool. Plenty more new and Wicked Fun toys to come in 2017, so stay tuned and prepare to make Wicked Uncle your number one present-finding service.

A few Wicked jokes:

How do you find Will Smith when he’s lost in the snow?

Just look for fresh prints.

What’s Green and sings?

Elvis Parsley.



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