What Do Godmothers Buy For Kids At Birthdays And Christmas?


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If you’re a Godmother, you’re probably wondering what you should buy your godchildren for special occasions. We’ve got answers! From sporty toys and STEM kits to cheeky adventure accessories, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of gift ideas that your godson or goddaughter will love. Here are our top picks!

Top 10 Gifts from Godmothers:

  1. 6 in 1 Solar Recycler – Fun Green Energy!
  2. Smart Ball
  3. Giant Piano Dance Mat
  4. Quizzie
  5. BrainBolt
  6. Super Bendy Light
  7. T-Rex Head Torch
  8. Archi.Tech Smart House
  9. Spy X – Night Mission Goggles
  10. Zzzopa Ball

16 in 1 Solar Recycler – Fun Green Energy!, £16.95£16.95

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A STEM set for clever kids

With this eco-friendly kit, brainy kids can use household recyclable items to build six moving models. Bring your creations to life with various kit parts, including a solar panel, motor and instructions. Transform a drinking can into an impressive walking robot, or use an empty water bottle to build a flying bird. An awesome, educational toy perfect for young engineers and aspiring inventors. Brilliant!

2Smart Ball, £21.00£21.00

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The smartest ball in town

Sporty godchildren will go bananas for this awesome, highly original football! Smart Ball lights up with every touch and counts aloud when you do Keepy Uppys and other tricks. Fancy a game of regular football? Just remove the sensor and screw in the bung to turn Smart Ball into a normal football. A great way to become the trick champion on and off the pitch!

3Giant Piano Dance Mat, £35.95£35.95

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Music made easy!

Sure, piano lessons are great, but this giant dance mat is much more fun! This colourful mat measures 1.8 metres long and features 24 touch-sensitive, colour-coded keys. Step around to play ten classic songs, including Happy Birthday and Old McDonald. The mat also includes eight other instrument sounds so kids can experiment with the guitar, violin and even a harp. Hours of musical exploration await!

4Quizzie, £16.95£16.95

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Test your trivia skills…

Quizzie makes a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift for clever, cheeky kids! This adorable little robot lets you record up to five yes-or-no questions. Quiz siblings or friends, and if they get an answer wrong, Quizzie will squirt water in their face. You can also test yourself by playing Quizzie at the tricky Memory Game and the randomly squirting Lucky Game. Brush up on your general knowledge, and don’t forget to bring a towel!

5BrainBolt, £19.95£19.95

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Can you remember?

Think fast! With this handheld game, you can challenge your brain by remembering the correct light sequence. Get it right, and the game will add another light, but which one is new? Tricky! BrainBolt is excellent for solo play, and it also features a two-player mode for the ultra-competitive. A truly brilliant brain teaser!

6Super Bendy Light, £9.95£9.95

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An adorable accessory for the devoted bookworm

Is your godchild a bookworm? This wacky, bendy light will make their bedtime reading sessions much more fun! The flexible, grippy legs are multi-positionable and remarkably bendy, wrapping around, under and through almost any surface. The head features 360-degree rotation, so you can shine the light wherever you need it. Comes with batteries fitted, so all your favourite kid will have to do is open that book and get reading!

7T-Rex Head Torch, £11.95£11.95

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An ideal gift for dino fanatics

This adjustable T-Rex head lamp is an ideal gift for boys and girls who love mighty beasts! The lamp features two settings — shine straight ahead for outdoor adventures or tilt it for a more soothing light, ideal for bedtime stories. Best of all, this T-Rex sounds off! Just press the button on the dino head to make him growl! A truly roar-some gift idea!

8Archi.Tech Smart House, £29.95£29.95

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A feat of engineering…

This super-cool set contains 20 electronic experiments to blow kids’ minds. Use the modular building system to design a house and then deck the place out with ten electrical gadgets, including a speaker, flashing LEDs and a light sensor. Build a castle with a drawbridge and moat, a treehouse with a pulley-operated trapdoor and much more! Comes complete with a 32-page instruction and activity book. The ultimate kit for budding architects and builders!

9Spy X – Night Mission Goggles, £19.95£19.95

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A fabulous gift for spy kids

Is your godchild a future secret agent? They’ll love these amazing goggles! The tinted green lenses enhance night vision, and the directional LED lights leave both hands free to explore. With adjustable velcro straps, the Spy X goggles fit heads of all sizes (good to know in case you want to try them on!). Perfect for late-night adventures, spying escapades and cheeky midnight trips to the fridge!

10Zzzopa Ball, £11.95£11.95

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The new fidgety craze!

Zzzopa Ball is the world’s first bouncing ball with high speed spin technology. Each ball contains a high-quality bearing which sits on an axle within the ball, which means that you can spin it smoothly on your fingertips. It’s great for active kids who are looking for something a bit different!

For more brilliant gift ideas for your godchildren, check out what’s popular on our website!

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