Voice Recording Mug – Say it your way!


Voice Recording Mug – Say it your way

The latest and wittiest in our range of fun presents is the Voice Recording Mug – it is a mug that you can record whatever you like on. So when you pick up the mug, you can hear your own personal message created by you, or amusingly left by a caring family member.

You get 7 seconds of recording which is plenty of time for inspirational messages like “Must do my homework”, “Liverpool are the Champions” or “Winter is Coming”. Or you can do scary zombie noises.

It costs £12.95 for a good sized mug and daily inspiration. Perfect present for the gadget minded and definitely amusing around the breakfast table, or in the office.

Apart from your favourite niece / nephew, it would also make a really good Father’s Day present for the person most difficult to buy for. And you could have it gift wrapped. June 16th is coming !

Happy Mugging,

The Wicked Uncle Spreading the Message Team

Ps And now for a couple of random jokes that made us laugh:

I quite like the hurricane season. I can just put anything I don’t need anymore out on the balcony.

They forbid tweezers on airplanes. But frankly, if you manage to hijack an airplane with just a pair of tweezers, you probably deserve that airplane.

Q: How do you measure a snake? A: In inches. Have you ever seen a snake with feet?

Paul says to William in the gym: “Say, how do you manage to look like this?” Will shrugs modestly, “You know, lots of sports, vitamins, fresh food and a lot of smiling!” Paul: “And all that makes you this ugly?”

A jumper I got for my birthday kept picking up static electricity. So I took it back to the shop and exchanged it for another one. Free of charge



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