Top Gifts for 3 Year Olds Who Have Everything


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When you’re looking for toys for a 3 year old girl or or boy, you don’t want to duplicate what they have already. Here is our popular range of really unusual toys that are cool, educational and fun. Perfect for the kid who has it all.

  • Tub Time Grand Prix
  • Mini Hornit
  • Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs
  • Convertible Fire Engine, Book and Play Mat
  • Sat Nav Steering Wheel
  • Dinosaur Torch and projector
  • Chocolate Lollipops

Tub Time Grand Prix, £22.95Alex Brands Tub Time Grand Prix

3 year old boys and girls love messy play and puddle jumping, but they don’t always love getting clean again afterwards. This brilliant bath toy is really popular, with its floating track and squirting race cars. This is one of the best toys for little ones who like to live life in the fast lane.

Mini Hornit, £19.95BLACK Mini HORNIT

Bikes and scooters are popular toys for 3 year olds, and this makes a Mini Hornit the perfect accompanying present. It’s loaded with 25 fun sounds, including UFO, police car and roaring lion! It attaches easy to the handlebars of any bike or scooter, and with lights too, it’s bound to be a hit.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs, £7.95Gift Republic Unicorn Poo Bath Bomb

A bag of magical unicorn poo fizzy bath bombs will brighten bath time for any three year old girl or boy. Each of the bombs is unique, and it’s fun to watch them fizz and dissolve in a swirl of colour. A magical bath time experience, never seen before.

Convertible Fire Engine, Book and Play Mat, £14.99FireEngine, Book & Playmat - 3 in 1!

This is a really great gift idea, because it has multiple uses – read the, play on the colourful mat, or make into a sit-in fire engine! 3 year olds love simple role-play games, so they will enjoy being a brave fire officer. When they’re done saving the day, it folds easily back into a book for easy storage.

Sat Nav Steering Wheel, £15.95Casdon Sat Nav Steering Wheel

This interactive steering wheel has fun sat nav instructions for your little driver. There are 72 spoken commands and some very realistic sound effects too – what an unusual gift idea. With a choice of destinations and flashing lights, 3 year olds will love copying the adults.

 Dinosaur Torch & Projector, £6.95Natural History Museum Dinosaur Torch and Projector

This cool torch can project dinosaur images on ceilings and walls, great fun for 3 year old dino fans. With 24 images to choose from including the T Rex and Velociraptor, this is a popular toy with girls and boys. Ideal for camping, sleepovers, or just every day fun.

Chocolate Lollipops, £12.95Choc on Choc Melt & Make - Chocolate Lollipop Animals

Children love to make things, and they also love chocolate. That’s why this kit is so popular with 3 year old girls and boys. It comes with a chef’s hat, so they’ll look the part, and we can vouch for the tasty chocolate, as we have sampled it more than once!

Check out our full range of brilliant toys for 3 year olds here!

Sometimes you need to talk to a 3 year old, just so you can understand life again.



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