Top 10 Toys of 2018


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Check out these top 10 toys purchased by Wicked Uncle customers in 2018! These toys were bought in their thousands for lots of lucky boys and girls in the UK. Our top toys were:

  • Stinky Pig
  • Pokibot
  • Ukick
  • Neon Effect Message Frame
  • IQ Puzzler Pro
  • Unicorn Poo
  • LED Baseball Cap
  • DIY Slime Kit
  • World Map Doodle Pillowcase
  • Air Shot

1. Stinky Pig – £10.95Stinky Pig Game

Wicked Uncle’s best selling toy for 2018 was the hilarious Stinky Pig. Stinky hums his little tune as you pass him where the dice dictates, but do it quickly before he farts! This game is suitable for children over 6 years old, but we think even Big Kidz will find him amusing.

2. Pokibot – £16.95Pokibot Box

These cute little robots were the must-have gift in 2018 and it’s not hard to see why. Pokibots can spin and dance, and even talk! With a downloadable app for additional content, there are hours of fun to be had. This toy is suitable for lots of age groups but was particularly popular with 4 and 5 year old boys!

3. Ukick – £8.00Ukick

Ukick, fun mix of badminton and football, was an unusual entry into our 2018 Top Toys list. It’s the best gift for an active girl or boy who likes to practise their kicks and tricks everywhere they go, and a very popular toy with 7 year olds.

4. Neon Effect Message Frame – £16.95

Light Up Neon Effect Message Frame

If you need a gift for an artistic boy or girl, this Neon Effect frame will be just perfect.  Just add your doodles or notes, then turn on the frame and watch them glow! Once you’re done admiring your masterpiece, just wipe it clean and start again.

5. IQ Puzzler Pro – £9.95Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro

This brain teasing game has 120 challenges to build a genius IQ. It was a top toy for children aged 6 and above. From 2D puzzles to tricky twisting 3D pyramids, this is a brilliant gift for clever children.

6. Unicorn Poo – £5.95Unicorn Poo

The rainbow coloured poop of everyone’s favourite mystical creature was a surprising hit toy for 2018. Squishy and sticky and loads of fun, it was a really popular present for children of all ages. Rare and magical!

7. LED Baseball Cap – £12.95

Illuminated Apparel LED Baseball Cap

The perfect present for a style conscious kid, this LED cap is understandably a top seller. Great for parties, or just for looking cool every day, it’s a hit. Buy this for a girl or boy who likes to stand out from the crowd.

8. DIY Slime Case – £17.95So Slime Case Neon

Slime was another 2018 toy craze, and it shows no sign of stopping. This DIY slime kit was a top toy for the year, coming complete with glitter, confetti and surprise toys to put inside. The perfect gift for children of all ages.

9. World Map Doodle Pillowcase – £15.95

Eat Sleep Doodle World Map Pillowcase

This fun gift for artists and geography fans was a top selling toy for 9 year olds. It comes with ten brightly coloured wash out pens so you can doodle, wash and repeat! An unusual and fun addition to any bedroom.

10. Air Shot – £19.95Air Shot Hovering Ball Shooting Game

Air shot makes a great gift for boys and girls who love target practise with a twist – the targets are floating in the air! Super popular in 2018, the air shot was floating off the shelves at Wicked Uncle HQ!

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