The Best Bath Toys For Kids Who Hate Bath Time!


The right bath toys can make or break bath time, and bath toys make brilliant birthday gifts. So why not make bath time irresistible for boys and girls who don’t love getting clean? Our brilliant range of educational and interactive bath toys will give bath time a boost. Our top toys include:

  • Tub Time Grand Prix
  • Shark Chasey
  • Feed-Me Bath Frog
  • Duck Bath Towel
  • Light Up Pug Bath Plug

Tub Time Grand Prix, £22.95

Alex Brands Tub Time Grand Prix

Girls and boys will love creating their very own floating race track in the bath. This great set has 36 pieces of racing fun including track, two squirting race cars, a winner’s trophy and a pit stop. The floating pieces can also stick to tiles, and everything can be stored away in a mesh bag until the next Grand Prix. A great gift for 3 year olds or older.

Shark Chasey, £21.95

Shark Chasey Catch a Fish

This brightly coloured 8 piece set is designed for brilliant bath time fun. There’s a shark mouth net and 7 floating fish for kids to catch. This toy is great for splashy fun, and can help children learn to count and identify colours, too. Who knew education could be so much fun?

Feed-Me Bath Frog, £20.00

Hape Feed Me Bath Frog

This lovely bath toy from Hape is sure to cheer up any bath time. Feed the hungry frog through the shape sorter with the snail, bee, butterfly and ladybird, learning about different shapes. He’s super cute and suitable for anyone 1 year old and up. Froggy bath fun for boys and girls.

Duck Bath Towel, £19.95

Giggle Beaver Duck Bath Towel

Perfect for a quacking bath time, this novelty towel is made from super soft lightweight microfibre. Great for a everyday use, it’s not only colourful and cute looking, it’s quick drying and folds up very small. Bath times are guaranteed to be so much more fun with this vibrant eye catching towel, and it’s great for beach days, too.

Light Up Pug Bath Plug, £9.95

Light Up Pug Bathplug

The cutest of bath buddies, this adorable little chap is very popular with 5 year olds, who seem to like his sweet expression. He is company in the tub, and as the bath fills and the warm water touches his tummy, he lights up with a soft white light for ultimate fun. He happily bobs along, floating gently among the bubbles. Perfect for a dog lover – a smug pug plug cute enough to hug!

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