Snow is on the Way


Say Hello to my Little Friend…

Frosty the Snowman is due to visit. We know this to be true as eggs is eggs because the Daily Express has said so. Twice. And according to today’ s paper we are all going to die. Or something.
‘Screaming’ gales blast in as 12 INCHES of snow set to fall in Britain this week

What to do  – Well obviously come to Wicked Uncle and load up with some seriously fun snow stuff  and HAVE FUN. Better be quick though, because the minute snow actually falls, all snow stuff mysteriously disappears.
What you need most is a Snowball Blaster. The old fashioned method of picking up snow, moulding it into a ball and chucking it is so last century.
With these you cram the snow in, form a perfect snowball and fire it at enormous (well, slightly fast) velocity and massive accuracy. For the more seriously inclined, this is the Tony Montana Little Friend version – carries three.

For the more innocent pursuit of finding  a hill and scooting down it, we have the inflatable Polar Bear Snow Boogie. Made out of real polar bears. Stylish, fast and ecofriendly just like the real thing. Not cuddly though and definitely kid sized.

Keeping to the polar theme, we have also got the incredibly popular Penguin Popper for indoor use or short range combat – think Han Solo facing Greedo across the table.
And if you are feeling hungry after all this, then you need the incredibly tasty Sea Salty Chocolate Penguins. Very polar.

Happy Snow is on the way Season,  

The Wicked Uncle Sky is Falling Tabloid Fan Club
Ps For smaller children we have another free audio story from our friends at Storynory. Topically it is about the Snow Queen. Click here.
PPs A couple of  jokes for small people:

A man was playing chess with his dog. A bystander watched in amazement.
Eventually he could not contain himself any further.
“I think your dog is amazing,” he said.
“He’s not so smart,” said the dog’s owner, “that move just cost him the game.”

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
A carrot.

How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb?
5. One to change the bulb and four to sing a song about how good the old bulb was.



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