Pokibot – Say hello to your little friend


This week we are featuring Pokibot – your little interactive robot friend from the same team as Robo Chameleon, which was a huge hit on ITV’s How to Spend it well at Christmas.

Pokibot is 8cm high, fits in your pocket, he is sound activated and can spin, move, dance and even talk. He costs £16.95 and is very clever and you can record three messages which he repeats back to you. Here he is in action

He comes in various different shapes and colours which we choose at random to add that little touch of excitement. But remember, a Pokibot isn’t just for Christmas.

Happy Taking Over the World,

The Wicked Uncle Robotics Team

Ps Robo Chameleon scored 97/100 from the toy testing panel and won one of the major category awards. We are still offering him at a special £29.95 for a bit longer to celebrate……

Pps And now for some robot jokes for reading down this far:

Q: What do you get when you cross a robot with a tractor? A: A transfarmer.

Q: What do you call a pirate droid? A: Arrrrgh-2-D2

Q: What is R2D2 short for? A: Because he has small legs.

Why did the robot order a milkshake? To blend in with the general human population, making it easier to infiltrate society and—in time—to conquer it.

I bought a dalek egg timer recently. After three minutes, it shouts “Eggs Terminate!”



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