Our Most Unique Toys That Kids Will Love


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Looking for some totally original gift ideas for children of all ages? You need our ultimate list of unique toys that kids will love. From hilarious board games and disco lighting to awesome outdoor sports toys, here are our top picks!

Most Unique Toys for Kids:

  1. Smart Ball – Counts Keepy Uppys for you!
  2. The Upside Down Challenge – Very Funny!
  3. Quizzie – Squirts Water if you’re wrong!
  4. Disco 360 Ice – LED Lightshow
  5. Jumbo Octopus Kite – 4 Metres Long
  6. Interactive Glow T-Shirt – Black age 9-11
  7. Giant Piano Dance Mat – Music made Easy!
  8. Mini HORNIT – For Bikes & Scooters to Sound
  9. Waboba Moonshine – Light Up Moon Ball
  10. Ultralight Airplanes – Build & Fly

1 Smart Ball – Counts Keepy Uppys for you! ,  £21.99 £21.99

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Football with a fun kick

Smart Ball is a fresh new twist on a classic football. This awesome ball features an in-built speaker that counts your Keepy Uppy score up to 100. Even cooler, this ball lights up with every touch. Challenge your friends to a trick-off or a simple game of footie – just remove the sensor and screw in the bung to transform Smart Ball into a regular ball. Athletic fun!

2 The Upside Down Challenge – Very Funny! ,  £23.95 £23.95

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A hilarious challenge game

This clever game will have the whole family in stitches! Wear the special goggles that flip your vision upside down, then compete to complete the 100 ‘easy’ drawing and activity challenges. If you haven’t already guessed, everything is significantly more difficult when it’s upside down. Attempt to put a top on a pen, give a high five, write your name… Good luck! An absolutely brilliant party game!

3 Quizzie – Squirts Water if you’re wrong! ,  £17.95 £17.95

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The robot for general knowledge aficionados

This cheeky little robot makes a fabulous gift! Record up to five yes-or-no questions, then quiz family or friends. If they get an answer wrong, Quizzie will squirt water in their face. Cheeky indeed! You can also test yourself by challenging Quizzie to the tricky Memory Game and the randomly squirting Lucky Game. Brush up on your general knowledge, and don’t forget your towel!

4 Disco 360 Ice – LED Lightshow ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Bring the party!

This fab sound-responsive LED disco light makes a fantastic unique gift. The built-in sensor in the Disco 360 Ice reacts to sound and music, with 48 LED sensors flashing to the beat and projecting 6 different coloured patterns. A brilliantly fun present, perfect for parties or sensory lightshows at home – get ready to dance!

5 Jumbo Octopus Kite – 4 Metres Long ,  £14.95 £14.95

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Let’s go fly a kite…

Become the talk of the neighbourhood with this gorgeous, colourful octopus kite! This totally original outdoor toy measures four metres long, and its impressive rainbow tentacles will mesmerise you as they flutter across the sky. Epic fun for both amateur and expert kite-flyers. The set comes complete with a handy storage bag, an extra-long line and a sturdy handle. An ink-credible gift idea for kids of all ages!

6 Interactive Glow T-Shirt – Black age 9-11 ,  £15.95 £15.95

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Stand out from the crowd!

Party animals and stylish kids, here’s one for you! This interactive t-shirt comes with a UV keyring so you can draw or write on the glowing canvas panel on the shirt’s front. Get ready for hours of endless fun – each word, design or picture lasts about five minutes before fading away. Made from 100% cotton, so it’s as comfortable as it is cool! An inspired choice for parties, discos and sleepovers, and available in various sizes. Glow-tastic!

7 Giant Piano Dance Mat – Music made Easy! ,  £39.95 £39.95

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Dance to the beat…with your feet!

For a gift that is unique but also really fun, this giant colourful piano is a great choice! The mat is 180cm long, with 24 touch-sensitive keys. Follow the colour-coded song sheets and learn to play 10 classic songs, or compose your own tunes, and record and listen using the playback feature. Sure to be a hit with any music-loving kid — big or small!

8 Mini HORNIT – For Bikes & Scooters to Sound ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Beep beep!

Looking for a unique gift for a kid who loves to bike or scoot? Introducing the Mini Hornit, which easily attaches to the handlebars of any bike or scooter. The durable, waterproof horn not only lights up with green and white lights, but it also comes loaded with 25 hilariously fun sound effects. Try out a horse’s neigh, police sirens or a UFO. Prefer something more traditional? There’s even an old-fashioned bike bell sound effect! The perfect present for any active, outdoorsy kid!

9 Waboba Moonshine – Light Up Moon Ball ,  £7.95 £7.95

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Bounce it to the moon…

The Waboba Moonshine is no ordinary bouncy ball! It bounces up to 100 feet and lights up for seven seconds after each touch, making it brilliant fun to play in the dark. The ball’s flat edges also give it a crazy spin and make strange popping noises as it hits a surface. Bounce this inventive ball off the floors, walls, pavements… anything goes! And chasing after it is a great way to burn off some energy. Extremely addictive fun!

10 Ultralight Airplanes – Build & Fly ,  £19.95 £19.95

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Fly through the sky

Flight enthusiasts will have hours of fun playing with this unique STEM experiment set! The kit contains all the parts and instructions you need to build five different types of planes, including the biplane, triplane and tandem wing. You can even get creative and use the parts to design a totally original plane! A highly entertaining way to learn about how planes stay up in the air and experiment with wing positions and angles. A great gift idea if you’re looking for something a little bit different!

For more unique toys and gifts for children of all ages, check out what’s popular on our website!

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