Inspired Gifts for Creative Children


If you have a creative child, chances are they’ve already worked their way through every art set and craft kit. If your budding artist is looking for a new way to express their creativity, Wicked Uncle offers a wide selection of unique and exciting projects for imaginative kids. Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes, so here are the perfect gifts for every kind!

  • Artistic Creativity
  • Scientific Creativity
  • Culinary Creativity

For Artistic Creativity

Does your child love to craft, paint and draw? Surprise them with something new with some of our creative projects.

My Style Wire Craft Rings Kit

Jewellery lovers will take to our Wire Craft Rings Kit right away, as they create unique designs with polished silver wire. Eat Sleep Doodle World Map PillowcaseGeography and art combine with a World Map Doodle Pillowcase. This is a fantastic creative project that will stand out in any bedroom.

For Scientific Creativity

Creativity isn’t simply limited to arts and crafts. Let your logical child get creative with our wide variety scientific kits.14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

Mechanically-minded children will love gifts like our Salt Water Engine Car or our 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit as they build new toys and learn about renewable energy sources.Perfume Laboratory - Invent a Scent

The Invent-a-Scent Perfume Lab is a great way to learn the science of perfumery. This fun kit shows you how to mix top, middle and base fragrance notes just like a professional perfumer.

These scientific crafts are sure to inspire your child’s curiosity and provide them with a fun, educational diversion.

For Culinary Creativity

Creativity in the kitchen can be both a fun and highly useful skill for children to develop. Wicked Uncle also offers edible crafts so simple that your child can experiment with their culinary talents on their own, or with very little adult help.Bakedin Rainbow Cake Baking KitThis Rainbow Cake Kit is a fun creative idea; in the box are four pre-coloured mixes. Follow the easy steps and make it your own with lots of sprinkles and tasty icing, all of which are included. Then unleash the magic and enjoy a taste of the rainbow!Mug Cake Mixes

Children love to be independent, so they will love whipping up a delicious treat for themselves in no time. Mug Cakes may seem simple, but the mixing fun and adding extra toppings will really capture their imagination.

Not only will these gifts allow your child to try their hand at new recipes, but you’ll also have delicious treats for the entire family to enjoy!

No matter what your child’s interests or hobbies, we have creative presents that can help them explore their passions. We offer gifts for children of all ages, so as they grow you can surprise them with new Wicked Uncle arts and crafts to inspire their imagination throughout their childhood.

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Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. – Albert Einstein.



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