Get Inventive – A Great STEM Toy!


It’s British Science Week this week so it’s a great time to let you know about a brilliant STEM toy, perfect for girls and boys who are budding engineers. The Junior Inventor Three Experiment Kit is brand new to Wicked Uncle, and is a really fun gift for 4 year olds or 5 year olds who like all things engineering.

Three Experiment Kit Junior Inventor

From Hape toys, this fantastic kit makes learning fun. It has 36 wooden and plastic parts, which is everything you need for three fun experiments. Each project will guide your little engineers through the scientific principles of momentum and energy.

Hape Three Experiment Kit E3030

The projects themselves are perfectly designed with 4 year olds in mind: create a mechanical grabber with hands, a crane with a pulley system, and a fun frog that climbs along a string. This science toy is so much fun that the children might not even notice that it’s educational at all!

Hape Three Experiment Kit LIfestyle

STEM toys are hugely popular with girls and boys, and this is one of the best science toys for getting children interested in engineering at an early age – fun inventing for the future genius!

Buy the Three Experiment Kit or check out the full range of Engineering gifts for kids of all ages.

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein. 



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