Fun Gifts To Grandparents From Their Grandchildren


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Searching for something for your children to give their grandma and grandpa this Christmas? You’re in luck because our Wicked Uncle Elves have compiled the ultimate list of fun gifts to grandparents from their grandchildren. From family board games and funny books to sweet DIY baking kits, we’ve some truly brilliant gift ideas!

Top Tried & Tested Gifts:

  1. Horrible Christmas
  2. Ginger Bread House Baking Kit
  3. O Deer
  4. Stinky Pig Game
  5. Neon Effect Message Frame
  6. Go Go Bird – Bionic RC with Flapping Wings
  7. Glow Art
  8. Super Bendy Light
  9. Fart Book – Rhyming Scratch and Sniff
  10. Chocolate Lollipop Animals

1Horrible Christmas, £9.99£9.99

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Take a journey through the terrible past!

Grandparents will love reading this brilliantly entertaining book with their grandchildren! This festive edition is stuffed full of fascinating information about our horrible past — the history of pantos, foul food traditions, curious Christmas customs and so much more. Did you know that making Christmas pudding used to be a crime? You’ll definitely want Grandma and Grandpa on your Christmas quiz team after they read this!

2Ginger Bread House Baking Kit, £10.95£10.95

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A sweet treat to build and eat

Nothing brings the generations together better than baking! That’s why this festive kit makes an awesome gift for grandparents. With a design inspired by Hansel and Gretel, this amazing gingerbread house is destined to be a Christmas showstopper. The kit comes with all the dry ingredients you need, as well as a piping bag and decorative sweets. Get baking, and then get building!

3O Deer, £12.95£12.95

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A completely crazy Christmas game

The entire family will want to join in with this festive game — and luckily, it’s suitable for up to seven players! How does it work? One lucky player gets to wear the wobbly, rubbery antlers on their head. Next? They must dance and dash around the room as the other players try to throw the hoops at them! This set comes with a rack of inflatable antlers, six inflatable gold rings, a timer and a red nose for Rudolph. Hilarious family fun!

4Stinky Pig Game, £10.95£10.95

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Pass him fast!

Pass the parcel gets an upgrade with this hilarious new twist! Press Stinky Pig’s belly to make him sing, then roll the dice to determine which way you should pass him. Just be sure to do it quickly — it’s only a matter of time before he farts! If you’re the unlucky party holding Stinky when he toots, you have to take a token. The player at the end of the game with the fewest tokens is the winner. Sure to be a hit with kids and grandparents alike!

5Neon Effect Message Frame, £16.95£16.95

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Creativity + LED lights = awesome fun

Creative grandparents will love this cool light-up message board. Use the vibrant neon pens to scrawl messages, draw masterpieces and play classic games like noughts and crosses. Hang the frame on the wall or stand it up on any flat surface. Now switch it on and illuminate your artwork with a bright neon glow effect. When you’re finished, just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Inspiring!

6Go Go Bird – Bionic RC with Flapping Wings, £39.95£39.95

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Soaring high

Grandparents love spending time outdoors? This remote-control bird with flapping wings is the perfect excuse to get outside and have some fun this Christmas season! The bird is easy and safe to control, with simple one-click commands. Perform awesome aerial tricks, race around obstacle courses or hold an altitude of 100 feet as your bird soars through the sky. Comes with two rechargeable batteries, so the fun can go on and on!

7Glow Art, £25.95£25.95

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Get glowing reviews

Does Grandma love making lists or doodling funny pictures? She’ll love this brilliant light-up drawing board! Use the fluorescent marker pens to create original works of art, or you can trace existing pictures with the see-through screen. Turn the frame on and watch your masterpiece light up in 36 different ways and colours. Wipe clean to start fresh. Sure to make the weekly food shop list more interesting!

8Super Bendy Light , £9.95£9.95

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Strike a pose!

Need some extra light? This bendy little lamp can grip, grab, hook and clasp literally anywhere. Twist the legs and rotate the head to shine the light where you need it most — a puzzle book, a magazine, a novel. Comes with fitted batteries for extra convenience. A clever and useful gift for grandparents!

9Fart Book – Rhyming Scratch and Sniff, £7.99£7.99

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A smelly story

Make Grandma and Grandpa laugh with this hilarious board book. It’s brimming with cheeky animals and funny characters, all of whom are eager to showcase their unique-smelling bottom burps. But that’s not all. Lift the flaps to reveal scratch-and-sniff surfaces, which are luckily much nicer than you’d expect! A bear that smells of honey, a monkey that smells of bananas… what a relief!

10Chocolate Lollipop Animals , £13.95£13.95

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Sweet DIY adventures await

This brilliant kit contains easy instructions and everything you need to make five fun animal lollipops. Melt the milk chocolate, pour it into the reusable plastic moulds, and add the lolly stick. Make a monkey, an elephant, and much more. The kit even comes with a paper chef’s hat so you can look the part! Perfect for grandparents with a sweet tooth!

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