Fun Children’s Puzzles For Rainy Days!


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Puzzles make great gifts! They build concentration and recognition skills, and they’re a brilliant way to have fun indoors when the sun isn’t shining. With some help from our expert panel of kids, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of fun children’s puzzles for rainy days. Ready to be inspired? Here are our top picks!

Top 10 Children’s Puzzles:

  1. IQ Puzzler Pro
  2. Alphabet Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
  3. Solar System Puzzle
  4. T-Rex Selfie Puzzle
  5. Brain Strain – Mind Boggling IQ Puzzles
  6. Feast in the Jungle – Surprise Puzzle
  7. Pet Selfies – Magic Motion 3D Puzzle
  8. Map of the World – 78 Piece Puzzle
  9. Emoji Puzzle Challenge – 200 Fun Puzzles
  10. At Home – Wooden Handcrafted Jigsaw Puzzle & Playset

1IQ Puzzler Pro, £9.95£9.95

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For brainy kids on rainy days

This entertaining brain teaser game is an ideal pick for brainiacs and budding geniuses. Complete the constructed designs from the enclosed booklet using combinations of coloured connected balls. Be warned: you’ve got your work cut out for you with 120 puzzles, ranging in difficulty from easy to expert! Time to build that genius IQ!

2Alphabet Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle, £25.95£25.95

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Bring the beauty of the garden indoors

Know a little one who loves butterflies? They’ll love this gorgeous puzzle! Start off with the caterpillar and see it grow into a beautiful butterfly before your eyes. The chunky, durable wooden pieces are ideally shaped and sized for tiny hands, and the set comes with a cotton bag for storage. A highly original way to learn your ABCs!

3Solar System Puzzle, £21.95£21.95

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Out-of-this-world fun

Young astronauts will have a blast learning all about our solar system with this amazing puzzle, consisting of 100 large pieces. Once the puzzle is completed, kids can place the solid-wood planet pieces in the correct places, following the informative double-sided poster. Finally, they can add the glowing LED sun to demonstrate how the sun shines light on all the surrounding planets. Fascinating, fun and educational! Blast off!

4T-Rex Selfie Puzzle, £11.95£11.95

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King of the puzzles

Dino fanatics, get ready for a wild ride! Kids will have a roar-some time assembling this 48-piece puzzle, featuring a picture of two crazy-looking T-Rex dinosaurs posing and grinning for a selfie. Once the puzzle is complete, the amazing magic motion 3D effect draws you in, and the hilarious dinosaurs ‘follow’ you from wherever you see them. A wacky and wonderful jigsaw!

5Brain Strain – Mind Boggling IQ Puzzles, £12.95£12.95

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A brilliant way to spend a rainy day

Ready for a challenge? This unassuming box comes brimming with an exciting selection of six mind-boggling little puzzles. The aim is to arrange the pieces to match the shapes on the front of the box. For example, in one puzzle, you have to make the letter A from five individual pieces — trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Each puzzle comes with a percentage difficulty rating so you can gauge your skills. Super addictive and immensely satisfying!

6Feast in the Jungle – Surprise Puzzle, £17.95£17.95

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Calling all explorers!

Welcome to the jungle! This colourful 20-piece puzzle is brimming with all sorts of delights to discover. It has eight surprise pieces revealing hidden animals, five pull-out tabs, and three windows for kids to open. Where is the sloth hiding? Did you see the chameleon change colour? What will you find? A fun way to have an adventure without leaving the comfort of your home!

7Pet Selfies – Magic Motion 3D Puzzle, £11.95£11.95

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Say cheese!

Kids who love pets, this one is for you! This 3D ‘selfie’ jigsaw features incredible depth and mesmerising movement. Put the pieces together like a normal jigsaw puzzle, and enjoy the crazy cats and dogs, all pulling funny faces. Once you’re done, the ‘magic motion’ 3D effect draws you in as the pets ‘follow’ you from wherever you see them. Designed to make you smile!

8Map of the World – 78 Piece Puzzle, £21.95£21.95

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Around the world in 78 pieces…

This brilliant puzzle is ideal for geography buffs and aspiring world travellers. The vibrant 78-piece set even comes with special pieces shaped as animals and famous places, like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. An engaging and tactile way to start learning world geography.

9Emoji Puzzle Challenge – 200 Fun Puzzles, £9.99£9.99

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A puzzle book for kids who love tech

Everyone loves emojis! Now you can challenge your brain and test your emoji-reading skills with this awesome hardback book, packed with over 200 fun puzzles. The puzzles come in three different skill levels, and they cover everything from music and TV to history and culture. Loads of mind-boggling, laugh-out-loud fun for a rainy day. Smiley face!

10At Home – Wooden Handcrafted Jigsaw Puzzle & Playset, £29.95£29.95

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Happy families

This beautifully handcrafted jigsaw puzzle is perfect for a cosy day indoors! The chunky wooden pieces teach children the names and spellings of common household objects, and they’re the perfect size for little hands. Best of all, the pieces can stand on their own, which means children can play with them as separate toys. Comes with a cotton bag for convenient storage. Lovely!

For more brilliant toys and games for kids, check out what’s popular on our website!

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