Easter Gifts That Are Better Than Chocolate


There is more to Easter than just chocolate. We have the best gift ideas for Easter for children of all ages, from cuddly toys to family games. The Easter Bunny is pretty cool, but the Wicked Uncle Elves are much more fun.

Fifi the Rabbit, £20.00Ragtales Fifi Rabbit

Fifi is a beautifully crafted soft velour rabbit from the top quality British designers Ragtales. Because she is suitable from birth, she would make a great Easter gift for a newborn or baby who is too little for Easter eggs. Every baby needs a snuggly bunny for Easter!

Unicorn Egg Soap, £6.95Gift Republic Unicorn Soap

Why not give a different kind of egg this Easter? A sparkly egg shaped soap with a hidden unicorn inside is a really unusual Easter gift idea. Little unicorn fans will love getting clean with this brilliant present. A great Easter treat for a 4 year old girl or boy.

Hide & Seek Rock Painting, £14.95Hide & Seek Rock Painting

If your kids enjoy an Easter Egg hunt, they will LOVE hide and seek rock painting. This kit includes six smooth rocks for painting, six paint colours, and a book full of tips and ideas. What a great way to have fun outside – a great gift for Easter, and a popular choice for 7 year olds.

Imagidice £13.95Green Board Games Imagidice

The Easter weekend is the perfect time to catch up on quality family time, and this fantastic dice game offers hours of whimsical fun. Who will connect the twelve pictures by creating the most entertaining story?  What a great idea for an Easter present for any child, especially imaginative 5 year olds.

Instant Table Tennis £17.95

Why not set up a family table tennis tournament this Easter? This fantastic set can convert virtually any table into a playing space, and it packs away compactly when it’s time for your dinner, too. This makes a brilliant Easter Gift for any boy or girl who is 8 years old or older.

Peek-A-Doodle-Doo £16.95

Fat Brain Toy Co Peek-A-Doodle Doo

Peek-A-Doodle-Doo is a fun and fast-paced memory game of Find and Hide the chicken eggs, which makes it just the perfect family game for Easter. Designed to improve concentration and memory skills – lots of egg-cellent fun, but no fowl play!

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Easter is the single time in a year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.



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